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Felted Holiday Trees

Things you need:
Brown Oxide Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Wedgewood Green Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Burgundy Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Natural Wool Roving
Burgundy Double Faced Satin Ribbon
Olive Green Double Faced Satin Ribbon
5/8″ Dowel Rods
Assorted Holiday Folk Christmas Buttons
1 – 1-5/8″ Unfinished Wood Flower Pot
1- 2″ Paper Mache Clay Flower Pot
1 – 3″ Paper Mache Clay Flower Pots
Spanish Moss
2″ x 3″ Styrofoam Cone
3″ x 6″ Styrofoam Cone
4″ x 9″ Styrofoam Cone
9′ Primitive Bead Garland
Mini Plastic Gingerbread
3/4″ Mini Candy Canes
Hemp Twine
6mm Rusty Tin Jingle Bells
Mini Frosted Pine Cones
Small Gold Star Tree Toppers
Mini Iridescent Glittery Star Tree Topper
Rusty Tin Primitive Star
3 – 2-1/2″ Styrofoam Balls
Glue Gun
Rusty Tin Primitive Stars

Things to do:
1. Get the three clay pots and the three styrofoam balls, Paint one set brown, then other set green, and the last set with the burgundy paint. After they dry stick a styrofoam ball in the matching colored pots. Paint three dowel rods also with the brown paint. After they have dried stick a dowel rod in each styrofoam ball, which are placed in the pots and are glued. Take the three cones and stick them onto the dowel rods. Glue both ends.
2. With the cones you are going to take the wool roving and wrap them around the cones. There are two different ways of doing this. First you can spread out a long piece of wool, glue it on top of the cone and wrap it around the cone in a cross form all the way down. The other way in doing this is to spread the wool apart some and glue to the bottom of cone and wrap it around the whole cone. (Some times you will have to wrap it twice)
3. Red pot – Cut off a length of burgundy ribbon long enough to wrap around your tree. Using the pins start off at the top and pin the ribbon into cone and start wrapping the ribbon down the cone. Once you get to the bottom pin it underneath. With the ribbon, tie 7 small bows and glue them onto the ribbon that is wrapped around the cone already. Now you can go ahead and glue assorted Christmas buttons onto the wool. Take the gold tree topper and glue on top of tree. Also, using the buttons you can glue them around the trim of the clay pot.
4. Green pot – Cut a length of green ribbon long enough to wrap around your tree, pin at top and wrap it down the cone, and once at the bottom pin the end underneath the cone. Cut and make 5 small green ribbons to be glued on the ribbon that is wrapped around already. Take the mini gingerbread and candy canes and glue those around the ribbon also. With the burgundy wooden bead garland, cut about 15 beads off and glue them where ever you would like around the wool. Add another small green ribbon on the pots trim and a mini candy canes on each side of the bow to decorate the pot a little more. Take the white tree toppers and glue on top of the tree.
5. Brown Pot – Cut off enough twine to make 11 small bows. 10 of the bows will be place and glue around the tree and the last one will be glue onto the brown pot. Now take the mini rusted stars, mini bells, and the frosted pines cones place them on the tree where ever you would like. Take the bigger rusted star and glue that on top of tree for the topper.
6. The last step will be taking a little of the Spanish moss place and glue around the top of clay pot and the styrofoam ball.

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1 Comment

  1. hello, i really enjoyed looking at the differant things you showed. and it also helps every one to make things. it was a lot i saw that i want to make. because christmas is very inportant around our house..with the childrens, grandchildrens. to make and do things at christmas for our family. again thanks a lot. hazel boykin i love any thing that is in the crafts. hazel boykin

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