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Category: Summer Crafts

How to Make a Spring Themed Floral Umbrella ‘Wreath’

Spring is almost here and as they say, ‘April showers bringing May flowers,’ and in this case, they bring tulips to your front door. This adorable DIY umbrella wreath is perfect to add a pop of color all spring long.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 30-45 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things You’ll Need:

1 Lace Umbrella

4-5 Bundles of Tulips, color of your choice

1 Fern Vine

3 Lamb’s Ear Sprays

1 Spool of Linen Ribbon

1 Paddle Wire

Things to do:

1. Cut off 3-4 inches off the bottom of each tulip stem.

2. Arrange the tulips in a tiered, fanned out position. Then secure together with floral wire, on the stems, right before leaves start.

3. Take the cascading vine and fan out into 3 sections, having the outer sections have the longer strands.

4. Take the vine stem and carefully place it in the middle of the tulip bundle, closer to the front bottom. While placing the 2 longer sections toward the outer sides and the middle section hanging straight out the front.

5. Slightly open the umbrella, then slide in the bundled-up tulips to the one side of the umbrella.

6. Close the umbrella and situate the bundle, along with the vine to your desired placements.

7. On the other side, place the lamb’s ear sprays in a tiered motion. Have one stem higher in the back and then the other two slightly lower.

8. Cut off approximately 5 inches of ribbon. Then wrap it around the middle portion of the closed umbrella and hot glue to secure.

9. Using some of the remaining ribbon, make a bow with longer tails and hot glue in the middle of the wrapped ribbon.

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“Joy” Christmas Door Hanger Tutorial

This festive wreath-alternative looks lovely displayed on your front door or inside as a part of a gallery wall.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 1 hour
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Wood J and Y letters
8-inch pine wreath
Red berry sprays
White paint
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Crystal fine glitter
2 1/2 -inch Ribbon
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:

  1. Sand the edges of your wood letters and paint them white.
  2. Use hot glue to attach the berries to your wreath and clip a bird in the center of the wreath.
  3. Add a wire hanger to the back of the wreath.
  4. Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the letters and sprinkle on the crystal fine glitter. Let it dry completely.
  5. Cut a 4 foot piece of ribbon.
  6. Lay the letters and wreath on the ribbon, spelling the word “Joy.”
  7. Poke a paper clip through the ribbon to make a hook for the wreath. Place a piece of tape over the back to reinforce it and hang the wreath.

  8. Hot glue the letters in place.

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