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Category: Spring Crafts

DIY Wooden Bumblebee for Decorating

This is a EASY, yet fun project to help add cute and whimsical touches to your home decor, parties, and school settings! Add these bumblebees to table decors, centerpieces, or even attach to your wreath forms for a special touch for the warmer days ahead! These are fun for kids and adults- customize to your liking. Add faces or antennas for more of a cute look!

Things you’ll need:

Let’s gather your supplies and let’s get crafting!

First step – Applying the mod podge

Grab the round and/or Heart cutouts that are about 4.5 inches. You will apply a even coat of the Mod Podge to the cutout.

Second Step – Add your wallpaper

You will take the honeycomb wallpaper and apply it on the top of the cutouts that you painted the layer of mod podge to. Take a credit card to help even out the bumps and wrinkles.

Third Step – Trimming

Here i tried the damp paper towel to help get a nice close tear off with the paper but it took to long. I took a pair of scissors and was able to cut the paper at a angle to get nice and close.

Next apply a coat of mod podge on top to allow the paper to seal.

Fourth Step – Create the stripes

Here you will take 3 stripes of painters tape to lay out the “bee” strips on the cutout.

Fifth Step – Paint the stripes

Come in with your black paint and paint the yellow areas showing on your cutouts. This will help create a nice straight line.

Sixth Step – Paint the body parts

Here you will grab the smaller size circle and heart cutouts. I used a 2 inch round cutout for the head and 2 heart cutouts that measured at 2.5 inches.

The round cutouts i painted black for the heads. Then white for the 2.5 inch heart cutouts for the wings.

Seventh Step- Assemble the bee

You will take your hot glue gun and glue the head and the wings in place.

Eighth Step – Attach the accessories

I grabbed some left over ribbon that i had from other projects. This was a 3/8″ black and white ribbon that went well. Tied this into a nice fancy bow. Then i added a bow out of twine to help add more contrast.

Here you can also add a face or antennas. Customize this to your liking.

This is great for wreath makers or and summer themed decor/parties.

How to video

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DIY Boxwood Butterfly Wreath for a Fresh Spring Look

Creating a DIY Boxwood butterfly wreath is a fun way to bring a touch of natural beauty to your home decor for this spring season. With just a few simple materials, you can make a stunning wreath that will brighten up any room and front door entrance!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete:25 minutes

What is needed:

1. Start by wrapping the garland stem around the middle rim of the wreath form. Then help secure with wrapping a piece of floral wire.

2. From there, you will then continue attaching the garland to the wreath form with the floral wire. I I went about every 3 inches to secure and hold in place.

3. Once the garland is attached and covers the whole wreath form, cut the remaining off.

4. Next, fluff out the boxwood to help fill in the wreath form.

5. Start by arranging your butterflies on the wreath to determine the placement.

6. Once you’ve go the butterflies placed to your liking, use floral wire to attach them to the wreath. Cut a small piece of wire and wrap it around the body of the butterfly, then twist the wire together tightly to secure it to the wreath.

  • You can also use butterflies with clips, which makes it a lot easier for attaching icon

7. Once all the butterflies are attached, you will then add the Queen Anne’s lace. You will cut off the heads with a little stem. This will allow the hot glue to hold on to the boxwood easier.

Hang your wreath on your front door, above your mantel, or anywhere else you’d like to add a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to your home decor.

How to video

Want to see more? Find more beautiful and unique projects by subscribing to our YouTube Channel here

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