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Category: General Crafts

DIY Wooden Paint Stick Jack the Skeleton

This time of the year, there is just one skeleton that makes it feel like Halloween – Jack from Nightmare before Christmas! Such a easy craft for all ages. This can be used as a door hanger, shelf sitter, added to a wreath or swag – Whatever your heart desires!

Difficulty level:Beginner
Time to complete: 25 minutes

Needed supplies:

Shop the needed material here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1: Build the frame

Start by arranging five paint sticks in a straight line, ensuring they are aligned.

Next, take two stir sticks that have been cut to match the width of the paint sticks and position them horizontally across the row.

Apply a line of multi-purpose glue along the center of the horizontal sticks, followed by quickly encircling it with a hot glue gun. This will securely bond and create a great connection. I did this on the top and bottom.

Once step one is dry, flip over. This side will be the front on the Skeleton face.

You will take another stir stick and cut to match the bottom width of the frame, positioning it horizontally across the row.

Step 2: Creating the Hat

Take 2 more paint sticks – this will end up creating the slanted hat at the top. When you have them slanted, this will help cover up the grooves at the top of the paint sticks.

Trim these two stir sticks just before they curve into the top handle, ensuring they are of equal length. Apply a line of multi-purpose glue along the center of these horizontal sticks, then quickly encircling it with a hot glue gun once more.

Step 3: Painting

Cover the vertical stir sticks with a layer of white paint. Then on the horizontal sticks, these will be painted with a black paint.

Step 4: Drawing the face

Here is where the fun comes. Creating Jack the Skeletons face. Now to help me figure out the spacing for all the facial features, i came in drawing it out with a pencil. Drawing the slanted oval eyes, nose, and the stitched mouth.

Come back through with the black paint and color in the areas.

Tip: My fine tip paint brush bristles were sticking all over the place. I came in and put a thin layer of vaseline to the bristles. This kept them held together to get cleaner lines.

Can’t be Jack the Skeleton without his bat bow tie. Draw on your bow tie to help get the desired look. Once happy come in with the black paint and fill in. You can always come back and erase the lines if they show.

Here is the finished look! How cute… i mean spooky is jack?! I just love him so much. He can be added to a shelf, mantle, wreath, or swag – He will sure not let you down on the fun display added to your Halloween decor.

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QUICK DIY 2-Tier Countertop Organizer

This is the perfect solution for space saving! Just 4 supplies needed – Quick, simple and quite appealing! This will help create instant storage anywhere!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete:25 minutes

Things you’ll need:
1 –7″ Round Paper Mache Box
1 –Mod Podge Hard Coat
3 package of1/4″ Unfinished Wood Dowel Rods
1 – FolkArt Home Decor White Adirondack Chalk Paint
Glue Gun and Glue sticks

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1 – Apply the Paint

To start, i grabbed the paint color of my choice and paint the paper mache box. Here i went with that white chalk paint. This allowed the paint to not be so shinny and more of the matte color. Apply 2 coats and let dry completely.

Now it may seem flimsy after painting, but after it dries completely, it will because hard again.

Step 2- Seal the paint

I came in with the Mod podge hard coat to seal the paint and the paper mache box itself.

Step 3 – Creating the Organizer

Once we got to this step, you had to figure out how high you want the organizer to be. I left the dowel rods in their neutral state.

I was able to find that my protein container worked great for the height and gave a nice flat surface on the bottom and top. About 8.5 inches high.

Once you have it leveled and even, start by hot gluing 3 dowel rods on each side. Use the Q-tip to help with the spacing between each rod.

* Now if you want to add more security to the dowel rods, apply a dot of gorilla glue on the surface of the dowel rod and then hot glue to allow it to hold while gorilla glue dries.

Once the 3 dowel rods on each side are completely dry, slowly remove the container out. If this is not removed at the beginning, then you might run into some issues later on trying to get it out.

Step 4 – Finishing the structure

Once Container is moved out and the side dowel rods are still in tack. Here is where you will finish the structure. Gluing all the dowel rods in place! Remember to use the Q-tip to help keep the same spacing between all rods.

Once all are in place and dried, you are ready to start using the organizer. Such a fun little projects that provides much character created by your own hands!! How beautiful did it turn out!!!

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