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Sweet Swan Straws Tutorial

Add charm to any party or shower, by creating these super sweet swan paper straws!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 5 minutes+
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Paper straws
Bumpy pipe cleaner
Small styrofoam balls
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Using a paper straw that will not be used, stick it through the very middle of your foam ball, and all the way through, hollowing out the middle. Then slide your ball on to the straw that will be used.
2. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and shape it into a swan’s head shape, then insert it into the front of your foam ball.
3. Cut your feathers (2) to the appropriate size to fit your swan.
4. Glue a feather to each side of the swans body to create its wings.

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Popsicle Stick and Washi Tape Bookmarks Tutorial

Create some super simple and elegant bookmarks with just a few supplies you probably already have at home! This would be a perfect activity for a kid’s group summer crafternoon!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 min – 1 hour
Age range: 5+

Things you’ll need:
Jumbo popsicle sticks
Green stripe washi tape
Pink dot washi tape
Gold sparkle washi tape
Mod podge (hardcoat)
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Choose some fun wash tape colors.
2. Apply washi tape to the popsicle stick in various patterns. Don’t worry about the ends lining up with the edges of the popsicle stick.
3. Trim the edges of the wash tape to line up with the popsicle stick. Or, fold the washi tape around the popsicle stick to create a wrapped look (as in the green/gold version.)
4. Optional – Apply Mod Podge according to the directions on the bottle.

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DIY Felt Envelopes Tutorial

Create some simple felt envelopes for wrapping gift cards of for a pretend play adventure!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1 hour
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Assorted felt
Embroidery thread
Small buttons
Hand sewing needle

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of felt using the envelope template and a heart in a contrasting color.
2. Fold the flat edge of the envelope up to match the corners and sew up one side (through both the front and back layers), across the top (through only the front layer – you want to leave the top open), and down the other side (through both layers again).
3. Sew one button to the flap and one button to the envelope, aligning their position. Leave the string long for tying the buttons together.
4. Sew or glue the heart to the front of the envelope.

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Clothespin Ballerinas Tutorial

These little ballerinas make perfect toys or decorations for a table topper or garland. The options are endless!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 1-2 hours
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Wood clothespins
Tulle in a variety of colors (I like the sparkle one)
White satin ribbon
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun

Things to do:
1. Draw a face, hair, a top, and shoes on the clothespin. Set aside.
2. Cut a length of ribbon a couple inches long (doesn’t need to be exact, you will trim it later).
3. Tie a knot in the ribbon, creating a loop that is just larger than the waist of the clothespin.
4. Cut several lengths of tulle, about 2-3 inches long.
5. Fold one length of tulle in half longway.
6. Fold the piece of tulle in half again the opposite way.
7. Put the folded end of the tulle through the loop of ribbon and bring the opposite ends under the ribbon, then back up through the middle of the fold.
8. Pull the end of the tulle to create a knot around the ribbon.
9. Repeat steps 4-7, pushing each knot of tulle close together, until the entire loop of ribbon is full (Note: untie the knot, if it gets difficult to fit all the pieces on the loop).
10. Slide the loop on to the clothespin (Or retie the ribbon in a knot on the clothespin, if you chose to untie it in the last step).
11. Glue the knot on the back of the clothespin doll
12. Optional: trim the lengths of ribbon in the back. You may also leave the ribbon as an accent to the skirt.

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How to Make No Sew Felt Pillows

Make these felt pillow in any size or shape for endless options. They are perfect for a doll’s bed!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1-2 hours (depending on size)
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Assorted felt
Poly-fil stuffing

Things to do:
1. Cut two pieces of felt the same size (I used two whole sheets of felt).
2. Cut one inch squares out of each corner (these squares will be smaller or larger depending on the size of your piece of felt).
3. Cut one inch strips of felt into each edge of the remaining sections. You will be left with two pieces of felt that look like they have fringe. (It is easier to make sure your fringe pieces match if you line up your pieces and cut through both layers at once).
4. Line up the two pieces of felt, matching the corners, and tie two matching fringe pieces together.
5. Continue tying matching fringe pieces together all the way around three of the sides.
6. Stop on the fourth side and stuff the pillow.
7. Continue tying the fringe pieces until your pillow is completely tied shut.

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DIY Felt Dress Up Headdress

Create an adorable felt headdress, perfect for dramatic play as well as a fun addition to a costume chest!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 30+ Mins
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Pipe cleaner
Ribbon, string or elastic
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Create the base of your headdress using felt. It is not necessary to measure, though helpful in creating a customized fit for the wearer. We used a 6 inch strip of felt for a toddler sized head.
2. On each end of your base, attach either string, ribbon or elastic to the backside of your headdress using your hot glue. Using elastic works well for creating a one size fits one headdress, and is especially helpful if creating these for party favors. We used 11 inches of string on each side for our toddler sized headdress.
3. Draw out feathers on your felt. Perfection is not necessary, as feathers aren’t perfect!
4. Cut notches into each side of your feathers. It is helpful to fold your feather in half and cut your notches into both sides at once.
5. Hot glue a piece of pipe cleaner in the middle of each feather. Each pipe cleaner piece should be the length of your feather. Note: You can choose to keep your pipe cleaner forward facing when attaching to your base, depending on your preference.
6. Hot glue your feathers to the backside of our headdress. Press down firmly to assure the feathers hold sturdy to the base.
7. Embellish! Decorate the base of your headdress to your preference, cutting out and gluing different shapes of felt to give your headdress a little flair!

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How to Make a Felt Fawn Headband


Create a whimsical look, with this adorable, easy to make fawn inspired headband. Great for children and adults alike!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 1 hr
Age range: 12+

Things you’ll need:
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Faux Flowers (optional)

Things to do:
1. Cut felt strips to cover your headband. The length and amount will depend on the width of your headband, and how tightly you wrap the felt. Tip: For some extra cuteness, use a different colored piece of felt at the bottom tips of your headband.Felt_Fawn_Headband2
2. Attach the end of your first felt strip to the bottom of your headband, and begin wrapping. No more hot glue is required until the end of your strip. Wrap your strips tightly, as to prevent your headband from peeking through. Once you come to the end of your strip, use hot glue to attach. Continue this until your headband is covered. Felt_Fawn_Headband3
3. Create your ears. The size and shape, are entirely up to you. Draw out your first ear, cut it out, and trace it on to your felt, to create a matching pair. Felt_Fawn_Headband6
4. Once you have your ears cut out, and any additional pieces you wish to add, glued on your ears, attach your ears to your headband using hot glue. You may wish to use a ruler to perfectly position your ears. You can also cup your ears forward to create a more realistic look. (see photo for visual) Felt_Fawn_Headband7
5. Optional: Add flowers. Use sprays of faux florals and hot glue to attach them together and to your headband. Using wire is also an option, but this may be uncomfortable. Be sure and add a small piece of felt to the area in which you glued or wired your flowers, to keep everything comfortable.

Tip: Use a small piece of felt to create “fur”. Pull the felt apart and shape your fur as you see fit. This requires a bit of force and effort.

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DIY Simple Felt Ice Cream Cone Party Hat

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream and ice cream themed parties! Create an adorable, yet simple, ice cream cone party hat for ice cream themed parties, photo shoots or just to add a little sweetness to your life.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 mins
Age range: 10+

Things you’ll need:
Felt sheets
Large and small pom poms
Lightweight Cardboard/Poster board
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Make a template for your hat, lightweight cardboard works well for this. Measure down 8 inches on two sides ( this is for a smaller, typical sized party hat, adjust depending on head size ) and then connected those points with a curved line.Using a plate helps create a nice curved line, and keeps it simple. You can create a tab on your template, but this isn’t necessary.
2. Trace the shape onto your sheet of felt.
3. Cut out the felt. Glue along the straight edge and shape the hat, gluing the edges together.
4. Use your ruler and marker to create your cone print, using intersecting lines. Felt_Ice_Cream_Cone_Party_Hat4
5. Using hot glue, glue your pom pom balls on to the base of your hat.Felt_Ice_Cream_Cone_Party_Hat5
6. If you so choose, attach elastic to each side of your hat, to create a chin strap.

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Draw Your Own Felt Monster Tutorial

Design and sew your very own stuffed felt monster in just a few simple steps! This project is easy enough for kids learning to sew.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 1-2 hours
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Assorted felt colors
Sewing machine

Things to do:
1. Sketch a simple outline for the monster’s body. Have fun! This can be any shape with any number of arms, legs, or random appendages. There is no “right” answer.
2. Cut two of your monster’s body shape from felt.
3. Decide on eyes, nose, mouth, and whatever extra embellishments you would like for your monster. I chose to do a mouth and a single eye (made up of two circles). Your steps 4-6 will vary depending on the facial features you choose.
4. Sew the white eye piece on the monster.
5. Sew the black inner eye piece overlapping the white eye piece.
6. Sew the mouth on the monster.
7. With wrong sides together, sew all the way around the monster, leaving a 1-2 inch gap for stuffing.
8. Stuff the monster and sew the gap shut.

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Simple No-Sew Felt Playmat Tutorial

Playmats are awesome and simple DIY toys. They provide hours and hours of entertainment when combined with any small toys.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: one hour
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Assorted felt colors
Hot glue
Hot glue gun

Things to do:
1. Cut a circles and ovals of various sizes in blue, green, and brown (I used one large blue oval, one large brown oval, and several small brown circles).
2. Glue the blue oval in the top corner of a sheet of green felt.
3. Glue the larger brown oval in the opposite corner.
4. Glue some of the smaller circles across the mat in a pathway pattern.

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