Santa’s Little Helpers: Felt and Styrofoam Elves

Things you need:
1 – 6″ Styrofoam Cone
1 – 9″ Styrofoam Cone
1 – 12″ Styrofoam Cone
1 – Santa Belt with Buckle
1 – Natural Wool Beards and Dreads
1 – Natural KL Curls
1 – St. Nick-O-Locks
2 – Green Felt Squares
2 – White Felt Squares
3 – Red Felt Squares
3 – Styrofoam Disks
3 – 1-1/2″ Wooden Balls
3 – 5/16″ Wood Beads
6 – 7mm Googly Eyes
6 – 1/4″ Dowel Rods
6 – Wooden Eggs
English Lace Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Kelly Green Acrylic Paint
Real Red Gloss Acrylic Paint
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Things to do:
1. Paint the three styrofoam disks with the Kelly Green acrylic paint and set aside to let dry. When you paint the styrofoam, you may need to apply a couple coats of paint to get your desired look because of the porous nature.
2. Paint each of the wooden balls and wood beads with the English Lace acrylic paint, set aside to let dry.
3. Paint the wooden eggs with the Black acrylic paint, set aside to let dry.
4. Paint the dowel rods with the red and white acrylic paint, alternating each color to create stripes, set aside and let dry.
5. Wrap each styrofoam cone with desired felt all the way around, and glue.
6. Hot glue two googly eyes onto each wooden ball. Next, glue on a wood bead under each set of eyes, these will be your elves noses. Then glue each wooden ball to the top of each styrofoam cone, this will become your little elves faces.
7. Now this is where you can get creative, cut out pieces from the white felt squares to create cuffs, trims, scarves, even aprons for you elves. You can cut two triangle pieces to desired length for the hats. Glue the two triangles together (you can fill these before gluing to add some dimension too), then add trim and pom poms to the ends. You can even cut out small rectangular shapes to make strips on your hats if you desire. Glue all pieces onto your elves.
8. Create sleeves for your elves by cutting long rectangles from the felt that matches their coats and glue the ends together. Glue one end of each sleeve onto the styrofoam bodies and attach a painted egg inside of the other to create hands.
9. Cut desired length from each of the different types of hair. Glue a row of hair around the face, then add five to six more rows over the first row until desired fullness. You can also glue additional hair around the hairlines if you wish. Then trim.
10. Cut your painted dowel rods to desired length for the legs of each of your elves, then press two rods into the bottom of each cone. Press the other ends into the painted disks, so that your elves are stable enough to stand on their own. You may need to add a dab of glue to each of the ends.
11. Finally, add all the final touches. Glue on buttons to the coats if you wish, add a a belt, or even little pockets onto the apron.

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