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Quick Paper Gift Wrap Garland Tutorial

Difficulty level:
Time required: 15 minutes
Age range: 8 and up

Things you’ll need:
Bakers twine
Circle office stickers
Glue (optional)

Things to do:

  1. Roll out several inches of baker’s twine in the color of your choice.
  2. Place a circle sticker face down on the work surface. Lay the baker’s twine across the center of the sticker about 4″ from the edge of the twine.
  3. Fold the circle sticker over the twine, matching up the edges of the circle sticker as evenly as possible.
  4. Using a ruler, measure about 1″ from the edge of the previous sticker. Place a second sticker face up at the 1″ mark, then fold the sticker over the twine.
  5. Continue to add stickers to the twine, spacing them about 1″ apart, until your garland is the desired length.

Tip: If the stickers are popping open and not sticking together, add a dot of glue to the sticker, then fold it over to secure it.

  1. Cut the baker’s twine about 4″ from the last sticker. Fold the end of the twine over, then tie an overhand knot to create a loop for hanging.
  2. Fold the opposite end of the twine over, then tie an overhand knot in that end to create a second loop. To hang the garland, slip the loops onto pushpins or nails in the wall.
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DIY Ice Cream Cone Decorations

Celebrate a birthday with these festive ice cream cone decorations! This sweet treat brightens up your space, adding a colorful, playful vibe to any party!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 45 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
2 1/2 inch styrofoam balls
Brown cardstock
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Tacky glue
Bakers twine
Pinking shears
Floral pins

Things to do:
1. First, make a pattern for your cones. Use a compass to draw a 1/4 circle that is 5 1/2 inches tall. Cut out the shape.

2. Cut a notch off the end and roll the cardstock into a cone shape, overlapping the paper roughly 2-inches at the widest part of the cone. Use glue to hold it in place.

3. Cut a 42-inch x 1 1/2 inch strip of fabric and trim the edges with pinking shears.

4. Sew long stitches down the center of the fabric and pull the thread to gather the fabric until the length measures 8-inches. Trim excess thread.

5. Cut a 9-inch fabric circle and wrap it around your Styrofoam ball, using hot glue to secure.

6. Run a line of hot glue around the inside of your cone and slide the Styrofoam ball onto the cone.

7. Use hot glue to attach your ruffle to the top of the cone.

8. Finish your cone by cutting a 24-inch piece of bakers twine, folding it in half and using a floral pin to attach it to the top of your cone.

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Sweetheart Doily Jar Tutorial

Create a gorgeous heart themed jar, perfect for flowers from your sweetheart, storing sweets from your Valentine, or even as a decorative luminary that can be used year ’round!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 10 minutes
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Clear jar
Paper doily
Bakers twine
Felt or colored paper (for creating your heart)
Mod Podge **optional

Things to do:
1. Clean your jar.
2. Depending on whether or not you wish this to be a permanent piece, attach your doily. If you wish for it to be permanent, you will attach using your mod podge, by brushing on a thing coat on the back of the doily, and pressing down on to your jar. If you with for it to be temporary, follow the next steps and attach using your bakers twine.
3. Cut out a heart from your felt or paper.
4. Attach your heart using mod podge for a permanent piece.
5. Cut out bakers twine, long enough to wrap around your jar several times, with enough extra to tie into a bow. If you chose not to make this a permanent piece, use your twine to hold your pieces in to place.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bags Tutorial

These cute little turkeys make great party favors. Try adding a few different colors of tulle for a rainbow of feathers.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time required: 1 hour
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Pipe cleaner
Googly eyes
Reeces pieces

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of tulle about 12 inches long and fold it in half.
2. Place a small handful of candy in the center of the tulle.
3. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner about an inch long.
4. Bunch the tulle with the candy in the middle and secure closed with the pipe cleaner. Fluff up the ends of the tulle and turn the bunch of candy slightly on its side so the ends of the tulle stick up in the back.
5. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner a couple inches long. Fold the pipe cleaner to create three toes and a leg. Repeat for the second leg.
6. Stick the legs into the bottom of the turkey.
7. Cut a light brown piece of pipe cleaner a few inches long and fold the end over to create a head.
8. Cut a small piece of orange pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base of the “head” to create a beak.
9. Cut a small piece of red pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base of the head/beak with an end hanging down.
10. Glue the eyes to the head, one eye on either side of the beak.
11. Stick the head into the top of the turkey.

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DIY “Thankful” Holiday Banner

Create a rustic banner to decorate for your Thanksgiving get together or just to celebrate fall! Customize with your favorite fall phrase using the customizable pennant banner.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 2 hours
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic paint
Stencil brush
Paint tray
Felt autumn leaf stickers

Things to do:
1. Place a piece of paper (wax paper is good because it won’t stick) behind the pennant. Line up the stencil in the center of the pennant.
2. Using the stencil brush, dab paint on the pennant. Be careful to only use an up and down motion with the brush. Using a rubbing or brushing motion will cause paint to get under the edges of the stencil and smudge your letters.
3. Slowly remove the stencil and set the pennant aside to dry.
4. Repeat for the remaining letters.
5. After the paint dries, add a couple of the felt leaf stickers to each pennant.
6. Line up the letters and tie them together with a bow.

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DIY Turkey Thanksgiving Treat Bags

Surprise the guests of your next feast with festive treat bags. Choose a rainbow of felt colors or use some fun fabrics to create your own designs!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 2 hours
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Treat bag
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Googly eyes

Things to do:
1. Place a piece of paper (wax paper is good because it won’t stick).
2. Cut the pieces from felt (one of each piece and 8 feathers).
3. Place the turkey body piece on the bag in the desired position.
4. Align four of the feathers, slightly overlapping, and glue together.
5. Using the position of the turkey body, glue the turkey feather group in place behind the body. Repeat with the second set of feathers.
6. Glue down the turkey body and add the beak.
7. Glue on the google eyes.

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DIY Sunflower Kissing Ball Tutorial

If you’re crazy about this pomander, you just might want to create a trio. These make a great party decoration, too!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 8 and up

Things you’ll need:
5″ Styrofoam Ball
Artificial Sunflower Picks
Coated Natural Jute Twine
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun/glue sticks *optional

Things to do:
1. Wrap the twine around the Styrofoam ball twice, then estimate about how long you’d like your sphere to hang. If you’re not sure where you’re going to hang your sphere just yet, cut an extra-long length of twine. (You can always trim it later.)

2. Wrap the twine around the Styrofoam ball twice, then knot the end to secure it.

3. Using wire cutters, trim the leaves away from each sunflower.

4. Using wire cutters, trim each sunflower so that the stem is 2-3″ long.

5. Bend the sunflower stem with your fingers, straightening the stem as much as possible.

6. Pierce the Styrofoam ball with a sunflower. Try to place the sunflower straight through the ball, rather than having the stem go through at a diagonal.

7. Continue to add sunflowers, working in a circle. For even spacing, leave enough room for the petals to spread between sunflowers.

8. When you’ve completed one circle, add sunflowers in a second circle adjacent to the first circle. Place sunflowers in the spaces between the previous sunflowers so you can fill in any holes.

9. Continue working in circles until you have filled in the Styrofoam ball. If you see any holes, fill those in with your last few sunflowers. Tip: If the petals aren’t fully spreading, you can glue them to the Styrofoam ball to hide holes between flowers.

8. Create a hanging loop by folding over the top of the twine and knotting it.

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DIY Flower Bun Wrap Tutorial

This pretty bun wrap can brighten up any day. When you’re not wearing this as a bun wrap, you can wear it as a piece of jewelry – maybe a bracelet or even an anklet.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 30 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Wire cutters
Cloth-covered floral wire
Purple artificial aster mum bundle
Purple artificial pansy pick
Light pink flowering pip berry spray
Floral tape
Turquoise organza ribbon

Things to do:
1. Cut a length of cloth-covered floral wire about 12″ long for an adult’s accessory or about 10″ long for a child’s accessory.

2. Fold the floral wire in half.

3. Using your fingers, bend the open end of the loop over.

4. Twist the open end of the loop around the wire to close the loop.

You should have one doubled piece of wire with small loops on each end.

5. Grab each end of the wire with your fingers, then gently twist it a few times.

6. Using the wire cutters, clip the following flowers, leaving a 2″ stem: 4 pink pip berry spray flowers, 4 purple pansies, and 2 purple aster mums.

7. For the aster mums, gently remove the thick stem to reveal the thinner stem underneath. (This will make wrapping easier later.)

8. Lay out your flowers in the following order: 2 pink flowers, 2 pansies, 2 aster mums, 2 pansies, 2 pink flowers.

9. Add two pink flowers to the wire, tucking the stems through the twisted loop next to the small loop.

10. Using your finger, move the stem of the first flower to be parallel with the wire. Wrap the stem with floral tape around the wire, pulling the floral tape gently as you wrap to activate the stickiness. When you finish, do not cut the floral tape.

11. Add two pansies, tucking the stems just next to the pink flowers.

12. Move the pansy stems parallel with the wire, then wrap the stems with floral tape.

13. Repeat these steps, bending the stems and taping them, until you have secured all the flowers.

14. After you’ve taped the last flower stems, wrap the tape in the opposite direction, back across the entire wire again to secure all the stems. Trim the floral tape. Tip: If there are stems sticking out anywhere, make sure they’re secure and then trim them with the wire cutters.

15. Cut a 30″ length of ribbon, then thread it through the small loops on the floral wire.

16. Since wrapping the flowers may have shifted them around a bit, you may want to bend your flowers to arrange and neaten them.

17. To style the wrap, place it on top of your bun, then tie it below the bun.

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DIY Birthday Cake Gift Box

Gift in style with this birthday cake gift box! This project is fun and makes any birthday present a little more special. Make several and store them for quick and easy gifting!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Age range: 12 and up

Things you’ll need:
Round box
Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Pom pom ribbon
Mini pom poms
Paper straw
Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Things to do:
1. First, paint your round box with acrylic paint and a foam brush. Keep the layer of paint thin, so it dries quickly.

2. When your paint is dry, use hot glue to attach a line of pom pom ribbon along the top and bottom of your box.

3. Cut a paper straw in half and use hot glue to attach it to the top, center of your box. This will be your birthday candle. Finish it off by adding a yellow pom pom to the top of the straw.

4. Sprinkle pom pom sprinkles around the top of your cake.

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Colorful Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Tutorial

Looking for a rainy day project to keep the kids busy? These colorful ice cream cones are easy to make and oh-so fun!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Age range: 6 and up

Things you’ll need:
Large pom poms
4mm pom poms
Paper mache cone
Hot glue gun/glue sticks or craft glue

Things to do:
1. First, attach your large Pom Pom to the top of the cardboard cone. Apply a thin line of hot glue inside the rim of the cardboard cone and slide the Pom Pom down in place. Allow time for the glue to dry.
2. Decorate the top of your cone with sprinkles. Apply glue to 4mm pom poms and attach them randomly to the top of your large pom pom.
3. If you’d like to add a ‘second scoop,’ use glue to attach a second pom pom to the top and finish it off by adding more ‘sprinkles.’

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