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Category: Party and Special Occasion

Quick & Simple DIY Wood Bead Easter Bunny

Create a simple Easter decoration for your springtime fun! These can be made into napkin holders, tiered tray decor, and jar toppers for those candy displays!

Materials Needed:
1″ Round Unfinished Wood Beads
1″ Unfinished Wood Balls
Unfinished Wood Toss Rings
3/8″ Purple Velvet Ribbon
Orange Stitched Satin Ribbon
Wood Craft Popsicle Sticks
Bright Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon
Hot Glue

Material list here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1:

Here we will get the materials set to make the cute bunnies. Grab your popsicle sticks and cut them to your desired length. I choose to make them a bit longer. I cut them right about at 1 1/4 inch in length.

Step 2:

Grab your 1 inch wooden bead with the hole or you can use a wooden ball with a flat bottom. This will be the ‘body’ of the bunny. Grab 1 of the 1 inch wooden ball that has no holes. you will glue those together with the hot glue gun.

Step 3 :

You will take your popsicle sticks that you cut and glue them on the top wood ball. These will make the cute ‘not so floppy’ ears! You will want to glue them up towards the middle of the ball. This will leave room for the toss ring that will come into play next step.

Step 4 :

Grab your toss ring and you will then glue that in the crease of the two balls. This will become the ring to allow you to use as the napkin ring holder.

Step 5 :

Lastly, grab your desired colored ribbons to add a special touch to the cute widdle guys!

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DIY Barnyard Farm Animal Pots

How adorable are these guys! Transform your space, weather it’s for your farm, kids storage for their art supplies, or displays for your garden table. These are so playful and sure will bring smiles to your guest.

Difficulty level:Beginner
Time to complete: 30 minutes

Things you’ll need:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1: Painting the base

I chose to do a barnyard theme for these paper mache pots. I mean, Is there anything cuter that a cow, pig and a chick!! So for the bases, i painted them white, pink and yellow.

Helpful tip – Use a pencil and draw the faces on the pots. This will help with placement and get the desired shapes you wish.

Step 2: Creating the cow

First, you will start off by painting the nose and the eyes. This will allow you to find the best spots to paint on the black spots for the cows ‘body’. You will paint the nose pink. Then once dry, you will use a Q-tip to dip in the black paint to create the eyes and the nostrils.

Step 3: Creating the piggy

Here you will take the hot pick and paint on the ears and the nice rounded nose for the pig. Once this is dry, you will then come in with a clean Q-tip and dot the eyes and the nostrils. Then you will come back with a small paint brush and paint on the little side mouth.

Step 4: Creating the chick

Here you will start with the beak. Grab your orange paint and paint a upside down triangle. Grab a darker orange to allow you to have contrast when painting on the comb at the top of the ‘head’ and the wattle near the beak. Lastly, take a Q-tip to dot on the eyes.

Step 5: Filling the pots

To start, i took some Styrofoam that I had laying around and cut it up into pieces to fit inside the pots. This will allow you to easy poke the succulents in place.

Then you will come through and top each pot with the desired amount of the lichen moss.

For the finishing touch, place any types of succulents that you may have or other faux flowers. These are cute art activities for kids for those barnyard parties, farm tables, or even allowing kids to place their art supplies inside.

How to video

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