DIY Wood Slice Reindeer Gift Tags

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts and with gifts come, of course, gift wrapping! These pretty little tags will be much admired, and are another small gift to go along with the main one! You’ll want to use the chisel tip for your wood burning tool to make nice, straight, stick like lines to create the reindeer.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: Less than 5 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Wood slices of about 2 inches in diameter
Wood burning tool
Drill with small bit
Baker’s Twine

Things to do:
1. Sketch a stick reindeer onto the flat of a wood slice.

2. Fit your wood burner with the chisel point and allow it to heat up.
3. Following your lines, burn the pattern of the reindeer onto the wood slice.
4. Allow the wood burning tool to cool and replace the chisel tip with the calligraphy tip.
5. Write the words To and From” on the back side of the wood slice and, using your tool, go over the letters to create the label side of the tags.

6. Drill a hole

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