Gingerbread Man Felt Garland

Gingerbread men and Christmas go hand in hand, quite literally when it comes to this project. This felt garland is a great project to do with children and looks sweet strung around a tree or hung across a mantle. It also makes a great alternative to ribbon on Christmas packages!

Things you need:
Brown Felt Squares
Red Felt Squares
Shoe laces or flat, narrow ribbon
Fabric pen

Things to do:
1. Cut out four gingerbread men from the brown felt for each foot of finished garland you want. Optionally cut red hearts to add to every other gingerbread man.
2. Cut two slits according to the template on each man. Cut corresponding slits on the hearts as well.
3. Thread the shoelace or ribbon from up under into the first slit and then down again into the next slit on each gingerbread man. Layering a heart over the middle of every other man and threading at the same time.
4. Hang across your mantle or around your tree!

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