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Category: Holiday Craft

Super Cute & Easy DIY Paper Mache Gourd Turkey

Let’s add a touch of handmade charm to your Thanksgiving/Fall decor! This simple project is a fun one for all the family with only 5 simple materials. Decorate to your own liking and have this one of a kind turkey sitting front in center for your thanksgiving festivities!

Needed supplies:

Shop the needed material here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1 – Painting

Here you will grab your base color that you wish to paint the gourd. I chose to paint my little guy with our Khaki Apple Barrel Paint. It took a good coat or two.

Step 2 – Lay out your feathers

For the ‘feathers’ i used our foam fall oak leaves. I loved the colors and were plenty big enough to create the Turkeys tail. Here i chose the color layout i wanted and placed them on the table. I went with 4 red, 2 yellows on the side, 4 oranges, and 2 brown on the side.

Once you have your layout complete. Come through and hot glue them in place. You will want to glue the stems and the leaves that lay ontop of each other. This will help them not flap and fall away from each other.

Once the ‘feathers’ are all glued. Take your tail and add a small line of hot glue down the center of the tail. I did from the bottom to about half way. Since the tail is not touching all of the gourd.

You may need to glue the sides to the gourd depending on how it is laying.

Then grab your top hat and add hot glue on the inside of the hat on the sides. This will then hold that hat in place while sitting on top of the ‘head’.

Step 3 – Let create that adorable face

Before i start painting, i always like to come in and trace with a pencil to get an idea of the shape and sizes of the face features. Once i have it to my liking, i then came in with black paint. I traced the outlining of the eyes and fill in the pupils. Then i came back with the white apple barrel paint to fill in the surrounding of the eyes.

Step 4 – Create the mouth

Since i had the foam leaves left over, i grabbed a red and yellow foam leaf. For the beak, i took the non-glittered yellow leaf. I cut a nice triangle out for the mouth.

I then grabbed a red glittered leaf for the gobbler, which worked perfect! One of the points of the leaf was a perfect round shape, so i cut it like a teardrop shape.

Glue the ‘gobbler’ to the back side of the beak. Once that it dry, you can then glue the mouth and gobbler in place.

Crafting a DIY Turkey from a paper mache gourd is a delightful and imaginative project that allows you to infuse a touch of handmade charm into your Thanksgiving or fall decor. Serve as a centerpiece, mantle decoration, or a welcoming addition to your seasonal display.

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Quick DIY Halloween Skull Plaque

This project was so EASY and QUICK! We have our popular skull mask that I wanted to try and create something for our Halloween decor. What a better way to display the mask glued onto a plaque for a wall decor. This will sure help add to your Halloween displays and add that spooky feel of someone watching you! 💀All is needed is 5 simple crafting materials!

Needed supplies:

Shop the needed material here:

Let’s grab your supplies, channel your inner artist, and let get crafting!

Step 1: Prepping & Painting

Grab your desired color of background color for your wooden plaque. Here i choose to go with that apple barrel paint. I painted a nice layer on the top surface.

I wanted some contrast on the sides. Instead of leaving them that a natural wood color, I came in with a semi soaked brush. I took it and rubbed every so slightly to get that black paint on just the surfaces areas.

Step 2- Painting the Skull Mask

Skulls are normally never a clean looking and one color. Here i choose to use the white chalk paint and dab it on. This allowed for it to still show a bit of that natural paper mache color throughout the surface of the mask. I liked the chalk paint as it allowed it to be more matte verses a shiny.

Step 3 – Painting the Details

At first, when i came in to paint the mouth of the skull, i used a mixture of the white and black paint to not be so bold. I was not a fan of it. So i came back with a black and went over my lines again.

I painted black around all the openings of the skull mask. To help those pop out more. Then took a thin brush to go through and paint on the “cracks” throughout the skulls face.

*Tip – If your brush bristles are not sticking together and has had its fair share of being used – Use a thin layer of Vaseline. This will then hold the bristles together and allow for a more clean lines!

Step 4 – Glue in the Eyes

You will grab the 28mm half eyes and glue them to the opening of the eye holes. I used a little dab of the all purpose glue on each side and then some hot glue to hold it in place.

Step 5 – Spiderwebs

I had a baby wipe dry out. Then i just pulled at it to get the desired look and size.

I have found the new love for baby wipes. They come in handy when you are needing webbing for my halloween crafts this year.

I placed the “webbing” around in the areas that i wished to have them displayed. Once i found where i wanted them. I took the Mod podge and glued them in place.

Creating a paper mache skull mask on a plaque is a fun and creative DIY project that will add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor. With some basic materials and a little imagination, you can craft a haunting masterpiece that will impress your friends and guests for years to come. So, get crafting and have a spooktacular Halloween!

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