Coffee Bean Styrofoam Cone Tree Centerpiece

Even before I started drinking coffee, I loved the smell of coffee beans in the morning. Now that I’m a devoted drinker of the stuff, I almost can’t start my day without the whiff of deep brown coffee beans being ground up to make my morning cup, especially on cold winter mornings. Which makes these little trees the perfect centerpiece for a holiday brunch, looking adorable and smelling divinely of rich coffee and spicy cloves.

Things you need:
Whole coffee beans
Whole cloves
Hot glue gun and sticks
Foam cones
Dowel Rods
Chocolate Bar Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush

Things to do:
1. Begin by painting each cone with a coat of brown paint. This serves as an under layer to assure that no foam shows through. Allow the paint to dry before proceeding.
2. Insert one end of a dowel piece into the bottom of the cone, this allows you to hold the cone while attaching the beans without getting glue everywhere!
3. Starting at the top of the cone, glue coffee beans and cloves all over the cone, fitting them tightly against one another to create a solid look.
4. Continue to glue beans and cloves until the entire cone is covered.
5. Group along your table and enjoy the scent and smells from your holiday trees!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I too LOVE coffee and the smell of rich beans. I was planning to make a cone tree with coffee beans but didnt know what kind of glue to use. Then I ran across your tutorial. I cannot thank you enough for sharing.

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