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Scrabble Tile Photo Pendant

My mother wears a locket with photos of her children every single day, and now that she has grandchildren, she has been wanting to add another so that she can keep them close to her heart as well. So this year for her birthday I’m going to give her something to fill that need while giving her another option for her jewelry choices with these photo pendants made from scrabble tiles.

Things you need:
Scrabble tiles
Favorite photo of your child
Computer with photo software or color copier
Craft glue
Clear gloss spray
Diamond Glaze
Craft knife and mat
Small jewelry bail
Super Glue

Things to do:
1. With your photo software or copier, size the photo of your child down to fit onto the tile. Print on thin photo paper.
2. Using a tile as a guide, mark and cut out the image, erring on the side of slightly too big as it can be trimmed later.
3. Apply a thin coat of craft glue to the smooth side of the tile and center the photo in place, smoothing out any bubbles. Allow the photo to dry on the tile.
4. Trim off any excess paper from the edges of the time and spray the photo with the gloss coat to prevent the image from running. Allow the gloss coat to dry.
5. Apply a coat of Diamond glaze over the tile, drawing it right to the edge but not down the sides. Work out any bubble with a needle or your fingernail as quickly as possible. Set the tile on a flat surface to cure for 24-48 hours.
6. Using the super glue, attach the bail to the backside (where the letter is) of the tile.

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  1. Good one..I like that and now I will be looking for scrabble gaes at thrift stores..I bet you could make other things with the tiles..I wonder if it would make a good charm for a key ring?

    1. I think a charm for a key ring is a very cool idea. I would probably actually use that more. Thanks for the idea 🙂

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