Frosty and Saint Nick Paint Stir Sticks

Things you need:
2 – 3″ Unfinished Wooden Signs
2 – 12″ Unfinished Wood Paint Paddles Stir Sticks
4 – 5/8″ Standard Wood Stars
3″ Knit Scarf and Matching Hat Set
Dress It Up Holiday Collection
Natural Grapevine Twig Bow
Spanish Moss
Micro Mini Fat Mushroom Birds
Country Dish Towel
St. Nick-O-Locks
1 – 5/16″ Round Wood Beads
Jingle Bells Garland
1 – White Felt Square
Red Gloss Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
English Lace Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
White Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Valentine Pink Apple Barrel Acrylic
Yellow Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

Things to do:
1. Grab one of the wood paint paddles stir sticks, paint it white and let it dry. With the black paint, draw a face for the snowman with dots as the eyes and dots for the mouth on top of the stir stick. From the dress up holiday collection, take one of the carrot buttons and glue on the face for the nose.
2. Glue the hat from the set onto the top of the stick. Tie the scarf around the indent of the stick, glue in place.
3. Paint four wood stars, three are going to be painted red and the last one will be painted yellow. After the stars have dried, take the yellow star and glue on the side of the hat. Then the three red stars, glue down the body of the stick.
4. From the grapevine twig bow, cut two pieces off that are going to be 4″ long for the arms of the snowman. Take a pinch of the Spanish moss and glue onto one of the twigs. Glue the twigs to the back of the stick, about 4″ from the top. Glue one of the micro mini birds to the nest.
5. Paint one of the wooden signs white, let dry. Glue the bottom of the stir stick to the middle of the white sign.
6. Cut a small heart out of the dish towel and glue onto the bottom of the snowman’s body.

Santa Claus
1. Take the second wood paddle stir stick, paint 3/4 of the stir stick red and the 1/4 with the English lace for the face. Paint the face on the top of the stir stick with white and black paint, adding a valentine pink for the cheek.
2. Take one of the small wooden beads and paint English lace with a little touch of the valentine pink. Glue the bead onto face for the nose.
3. Paint the second wood sign black for the stand, let dry. Glue the stick onto the sign. Paint black shoes with and little line on shoes. Add a line of black paint from the bottom and up a couple inches.
4. Cut a 2 foot piece off the bell garland, Glue at the bottom of stir stick in the back and start wrapping the garland around the Santa until it gets to the top. Leave a 8″ length from the top of the stick, Take any bells off if there is any.
5. Take the dish towel and cut a triangle that is 3-1/2″ wide at the bottom and about 8″ long. Fold the edges together to create a hat and glue. Stick the rest of the left over garland inside the hat. Glue the hat onto the top of stick. Cut a small strip that is 3-1/2″ long and a 1″ wide off of the white felt. This will be glue onto the bottom of the hat for the brim. Now fold the hat in half, so its not sticking straight up that much. Glue a bell on the tip of hat.
6. Grab the Nick-O-Locks and glue all around the face and in the back to create hair.

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