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DIY Rustic Wood Slice Wedding Ring Holder

This in expensive ring holder, is perfect for rustic weddings, and keeping your rings secure during the trip up the aisle!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 10 minutes
Age range: 12+

Things you’ll need:
Wood slice
Jute twine or ribbon

Things to do:
1. Drill to small holes side by side into your wood slice. These holes need to small, but large enough to slide your twine or ribbon through. Choose your side based upon the size of your wood slice.
2. String your twine or ribbon through one hole from front to back. Amount of twine your use, will again depend on your size of wood slice, but you will need enough to string through and make a small bow on the back of your wood slice.
3. Attach your ring, and string your twine through the other whole, front to back.
4. Tie your twine or ribbon into a bow on the back side.

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