Chalkboard Paint ‘Back to School’ Baskets

These cute back to school treats are the perfect little gifts for students heading off to school for their first day or teachers getting back to the classroom this fall. Coated in Chalkboard paint, the basket becomes a handy container for school supplies later and can be relabeled with a quick wipe! Fill the basket with school supplies or treats to start the year off right!

Things you’ll need:
Chalkboard paint
Wooden baskets
Foam brush
School supplies

Things to do:
1. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Paint a thin layer of paint on the inside and then the outside of the basket. Allow the paint to dry.
2. Repeat the process two more times until the basket is well coated and totally black.
3. Once dry, pack with school supplies or treats and write a good luck message or child’s name on the outside and send your student off to a great new year!

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