Craft Project – Loopy Chenille Bunny Basket

Here is a super cute bunny basket made from loopy chenille! Loopy chenille is super soft and you can bend it however you would like. This loopy chenille bunny basket is easy to make and would be perfect for an Easter basket! You could even use this loopy chenille basket for a baby shower gift basket and fill it up with baby power, baby oil, shampoo and more!

Things you will need:
An Easter Basket of your Choice ( we used this basket and made the handle with paper twist)
6 Hanks – White Loopy Chenille
2 Hanks – Pink Loopy Chenille
1 – 4″ Styrofoam Ball
1 – 1″ Pink Pom Pom
2 – 20mm Googly Eyes
1 – Craft Stick
Lavender Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (Optional – We painted our basket)
Floral U Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Ribbon of Your Choice

Things to Do:
1. Paint your basket with the lavender Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Set aside and let dry. To make the the basket’s handle, cut about 19″ of paper twist and braid together. *** This is what we did for our basket. If you have your own basket, skip this step.
2. To begin your loopy chenille bunny basket, work the craft stick through the weave of your basket on one side of the basket and secure with hot glue.
3. Take your styrofoam ball and push onto the other end of the craft stick. Secure with some hot glue.
4. Wrap the styrofoam ball with the white loopy chenille until covered. Secure the loopy chenille with floral pins and hot glue.
5. Cut two-5″ strips from the white loopy chenille. Wind the two strips into two balls and glue to the face for the bunny’s muzzle. Glue on googly eyes and let cool.
6. To make the bunny’s ears, cut two – 12″ strips of white loopy chenille and fold each of the loopy chenille strips in half. Glue the white loopy chenille ears to the top of the bunny’s head.
7. Cut two-5″ strips of pink loopy chenille and place a strip in the middle of each white loopy chenille ear. Secure with hot glue.
8. To create the bunny’s arms, cut two-22″ strips of white loopy chenille and fold each strip of loopy chenille in half. Glue the loopy chenille arms from the back of the head and wrap around the sides of the basket so that is looks like the bunny is holding onto the basket. ***You may need less loopy, depending on the size of your basket.
9. To make the bunny’s feet, cut two-12″ strips of the white loopy and fold into thirds. Glue the loopy chenille feet to the opposite end of the basket.
10. Cut a 10″ strip of pink loopy chenille and roll into a ball for the bunny’s tail. Glue the loopy chenille tail under the back of head and arms outside of the basket.
11. Finally, adorn your basket with desired ribbons or flowers and fill the basket with your treats!

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  1. love your website. Some really beautiful stuff. I bought the materials to make
    the loopy chenille bunny basket but was unable to get the instructions. How may I obtain the instructions? Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing the love! This is one of my favorite projects and it’s really easy to make. The instructions are stated above under the “Things to do” section and if you want feel free to print this page off for your use while you make the basket. It would be easier for you that way. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  3. i had made this basket a few years back and lost the directions. was so happy to find your web site. this is one beautiful and ingenius craft that i have seen or made. thank you

    1. Im so glad you found the directions again and found us 🙂 This basket is actually one of my favorite loopy chenille projects! I also wanted to let you know, if you are really into making things out of loopy, it is being discontinued from the manufacturer and will no longer be produced… which is very heartbreaking to many people I just thought I would tell you in case you wanted to stock up while we still had a little left. Please let me know if you have any questions.
      Thank you so much,

  4. where can i purchase the chanillel loopy? alot of places are selling out of the loopy and I’m having a hard time purchasing loopy, please help !