Loom Band Bracelet Technique with Spool Knitting

This is a great alternative to the larger rubber band looms and is a great project to take on the go. The finished product is a thick, round rope that makes a substantial bracelet which looks far more complicated than it really is. Great for beginners, this portable project is super addictive and oh so fun!

Time required: 10 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Things you’ll need:
Spool knitter and hook
Rubber bands

Things to do:
1. With your first rubber band, loop around each peg of the spool so that the cross over is toward the center. This is the only band you’ll do this for.

2. Push the first rubber band down to the bottom and loop your second all the way around the pegs.

3. Pull the bottom loop up and over the top using the hook.

4. Push the loops on the pegs down and loop another band around all the pegs and repeat until you have the length of bracelet you want.

5. To finish, thread one rubber band through a loop and hook both ends of that rubber band around the peg. Draw the bottom loop up and over the double. Shift the double to the next peg and repeat until all loops are off and you are left with only the double.

6. Secure a S-clip through the double and also through the loops on the opposite end to finish.

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