Loopy Chenille Standing Lady Bunny

lady_bunny_legs_loopy_chenilleThis loopy chenille lady bunny is ready for her carrot garden! Loopy chenille is the perfect material to create plush projects such as this bunny. Loopy chenille is also very pliable with an intertwined wire, making this material great for projects.

Things you need:
1 Hank – Beige Loopy Chenille
1 Hank – Pink Loopy Chenille
1 – 3-3/4″ Styrofoam Egg
1 – 1/2″ Pink Pom Pom
1 – Extra Large Denim Dress
1 – Craft Stick
1 – Galvanized Pail (Optional)
2 – 4-3/4″ Styrofoam Eggs
2 – 25mm Googly Eyes
2 – 1-1/2″ White Pom Poms
2 – 3/8″ Dowel Rods
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush and Accessories
Floral U Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Gun Sticks
Chenille Bumble Bees (Optional)
Beaded Glass Carrots (Optional)
Ribbons and Flowers as Desired

Things to do:
1. To start making your loopy chenille lady bunny, take your 3-3/4″ styrofoam egg and carefully cut it in half (from the small point to the larger end).
2. Take your Black Apple Barrel acrylic paint and paint your two styrofoam egg halves. Set aside and let dry.
3. Push your craft stick about 2″ into the wide end of one of your 4-3/4″ styrofoam eggs. Secure the craft stick with a dab of hot glue. The narrow part of the head will be the top of your loopy chenille bunny’s head.
3. Push the remaining half into the wide end of your other styrofoam egg. Secure the craft stick with a dab of hot glue. The two styrofoam eggs together will be the start of your bunny’s body.
4. Wrap the beige loopy chenille starting from where the two styrofoam eggs meet and wrap your way up the top egg. Secure the loopy chenille with floral u pins and hot glue.
5. Carefully slip on the denim dress. It may help to open the top of the dress and put on the dress starting from the bottom styrofoam egg. ** To personalize the loopy chenille bunny, you could knit, crotchet, or create your own dress!
6. Take your two wood dowel rods and push them carefully on each side of the bottom, uncovered, styrofoam egg. Secure the rods onto the styrofoam egg with hot glue.
7. Gently push the other end of the dowel rods into your painted styrofoam egg halves (with the flat end facing down). These will be your loopy chenille bunny’s shoes.
8. Wrap each bare dowel rod with the beige loopy chenille. Secure with hot glue as you wrap the loopy chenille around the rods.
9. Cut two – 13″ pieces of beige loopy chenille. Slip each loopy chenille strip into the sleeves of the denim dress and secure to the styrofoam egg with hot glue. Once the hot glue has cooled, bend the ends (outside of the dress) of the loopy chenille strips and twist to create little hands for the bunny.
10. Cut two – 20″ pieces of beige loopy chenille and bend each in half. Pin and hot glue the two loopy chenille strips on top of the bunny’s head.
11. Cut two – 14″ pieces of pink loopy chenille and bend each in half. Hot glue inside of each beige loopy chenille ear.
12. Hot glue googly eyes and pom poms onto the loopy chenille bunny’s face.
13. Finally, adorn your lady bunny with ribbons of your choice. We show our lady bunny with the optional chenille bees, carrots, and a galvanized pail full of carrots.

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