Class Apron

Whether you are working on the preschool auction or just getting a jump on an end of year gift for your teacher, this handprint apron is something that will be treasured by whomever owns it and is a great project to work on with larger groups of kids.

Things you’ll need:
Fabric paint, at least 5 colors!
Fabric pen
Foam brushes
Small disposable cups
Plain cotton apron

Things to do:
1. Pour a small amount of each paint color into individual cups so that kids can see what the color choices are.
2. Paint a thick coat of paint onto one hand of a child, making sure you get paint into the grooves.
3. Have the child hold their fingers out like a starfish” and press it carefully onto the fabric of the apron, rolling each finger slightly to ensure good contact.
4. Peel their hand up carefully and have them wash up while you note where their hand is.
5. Repeat with each child, changing which hand and what direction it’s pointing as you go and making sure the colors are evenly distributed.
6. Allow the apron to dry and then carefully inscribe the names of each child under their hand.
7. Add the name and year of the class and heat set the paint and ink with a warm iron.

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