Yarn Block Stamps

Stamps have long been a great way for crafters to add decorations and details to their paper crafts but they are also an excellent way to add texture to any kind of project, from scrapbooking to fabric crafts. Change up the texture by using thicker or thinner yarns or different sized blocks, make the pattern orderly with straight lines or abstract with criss crosses.

Things you’ll need:
Small wooden blocks or wood scraps, about 1 inch by 1 inch
Scrap yarn

Things to do:
1. Loop the yarn tightly around the block near the middle and tie tightly on the backside of the block. Leave the tail!
2. Wrap the yarn around and around the block, keeping the yarn tight, until you have covered the wood and created the texture you want.
3. Tie off the end using the tail from your tie on.
4. Clip the tails and stamp, turning 45 degrees with each application to create a basket weave pattern.

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  1. What a cool idea..Thanks a lot..I will be trying that this week )