Thumbprint Tree

This craft is an elegant and fun way to display your extended family tree, the guests at a gathering or wedding or even just a fun way to show off your children’s fingerprints. Scale it up for a larger gathering or add leaves as the years go and your family grows, wither way it will end up a treasured piece of family art.

Things you’ll need:
Tree Template
Brown and cream (or any color combination) cardstock
Spray glue
Stamp pads

Things to do:
1. Using the template, cut your tree out of brown cardstock.
2. Spray a thin coat of glue onto the back side of the tree and center it on the cream cardstock, smoothing down to make sure all of the branches are well adhered to the paper.
3. Ink up those fingers and go! It helps to stick with a set color scheme for the leaves” and markers can be used in place of stamp pads, just be sure to color a rounded section of the finger tip if using markers. Add names or dates under each print if desired.

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  1. This would be a great teacher gift at the end of the year. Get a parent, PTA, or another person of interest to help with this gift. Ssh! Let it be a surprise.

  2. Love all of your crafty up cycling and re cycling treasures!! Gonna try some myself!! Really liked your beads too!

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