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Kid Friendly: Pony Bead Cupcake Tutorial

Attach this cute and quirky bead cupcake to a keychain or clip, or hang as a decoration. This is great project for kids, and the color options are endless!

Difficulty level: Easy
Time required: 20-30 minutes
Age range: 8+

Things you’ll need:
Pony beads
Rattail cord
Jewelry findings

Things to do:
1. Count out your beads for the cupcake. You’ll need 3 red or pink beads, 18 white beads, and 16 blue beads.

2. Cut the rattail cord to 24″. Find the middle. Place a jewelry finding or clip on the cord in the center. Slide one bead onto the left side of the cord.

3. Take the right side of the cord and slide it through the same bead as shown.

4. Pull both ends of the cord and the bead will rise to the top.

5. Now add 2 beads to the left side, and slide the right side of the cord back through those beads.

6. Pull both ends of the cord snug and the beads will now meet the first bead at the top.

7. Now take 5 white beads and repeat the process – adding them to the left side of the cord and sliding the right side of the cord back through.

8. For the next row, use 6 white beads.

9. Add 7 white beads to the next row.

10. Repeat the process with two rows of 6 blue beads.

11. Add a final row of 4 blue beads and tie off the cord and clip the ends. You may want to add a drop of glue to prevent the knot from untying.

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