Burlap Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Pretty, classic and rustic all at once, these pinecone and burlap ornaments look great in any decor. Bringing the outdoors in for the holidays, with the added touch of a little glitter, makes for a fun and simple holiday decoration.

Things you’ll need:
Spray glue
Fine Glitter
Burlap Ribbon
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. On a covered work surface, spray the pinecones lightly with glue and then dust with glitter, turning the pinecones so that they are glittered on all sides lightly.

2. With the burlap ribbon, tie bows larger, but not too out of proportion, to the pinecones. Trim the tails of the bow and add a loop of burlap to the back for hanging. .

3. Glue the bow to the top of the pinecone. Allow the glue to dry completely before hanging.

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