Little Foot Reindeer Print

A sweet way to save, and share, your baby’s little footprint, this is the perfect addition to gift tags or holiday cards. Be sure to keep an open packet of baby wipes handy when applying the paint for easy cleanup.

Things you’ll need:
Brown and Red and Cream Acrylic Craft Paint
Brown marker

Things to do:
1. Carefully paint the bottom of your baby’s foot, including the toes, with brown paint.
2. Press the foot gently onto the center of the cardstock, pushing slightly on the toes to make sure you get a good imprint. Allow the paint to dry.

3. Using the red and white paint and baby’s fingers or thumb, add a nose and eyes to the deer. Draw antlers coming off between the middle toes, leaving the big toe and pinkie impressions as ears.
4. Once dry, trim the cardstock to size and use as desired.

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