Snowy Globe Ornament

Sparkly and bright, this simple ornament with glimmer on your tree, evoking the sense of a snow globe but customizable to hold whatever little treasures you want to hold dear.

Things you’ll need:
Fillable acrylic ornaments
White and silver glitter
Small holiday items (tiny gift wrapped boxes are great)
Spray adhesive
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. On a covered and well-ventilated surface, spray the inside of the ornament lightly with glue.

2. Sprinkle a small amount of silver glitter into the ornament halves, shaking it gently until the entire inner surface is lightly covered.

3. Prepare the trinkets for the inside if needed. Here, we painted a small wooden box to look like a wrapped gift.
4. Once the glue is dry, add a generous amount of white glitter, to look like snow, and settle the trinket inside the heap.

5. Add a fine line of glue around the edge of the ornament and snap the two halves together, being careful to keep the snow inside. Allow the glue to dry before hanging.

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