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No Slip Hangers

There’s just nothing quite as irritating as opening your closet and finding that clothes you carefully hung on hangers have ended up on the floor. My shirts, and worse, my nice dresses, are always slipping off their hangers, ending up wrinkled and sometimes stained after their descent to the floor. This quick and simple craft turns your ordinary hangers into no slip hangers with one crafter must have item.

Things you’ll need:
Hangers, wire, wood or plastic
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Pre-heat your hot glue gun.
2. Determine how much of your hanger needs to be made non-slip by thinking of how your clothes hang on them.

3. Draw a zig zag of glue down the section of the hanger you want to be non-slip.

4. Allow the glue to cool and remove any glue threads.

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