DIY Teacher’s Gift: Thanks for Helping Me Grow!

Our son’s teacher has helped him grow immensely throughout kindergarten. We wanted to show our appreciation with a stunning, yet useful gift. This year, I decided to add some school ruler ribbon to a wooden crate with two translucent blue mason jars. Inside the mason jars are natural wooden pencils with flowers on top. For an extra touch, I added two chalkboards with the words “Thank you for helping me Grow!”

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time required: 20 minutes
Age range: 10+ (adult assistance may be needed with glue gun)

Things you’ll need:
Natural Wood Pencils
Yellow School Ruler Satin Ribbon
Light Blue Artificial Rose Heads
Mason Jars

1. Turn glue gun on, so it will have a little time to warm up.

2. Wrap the yellow school ruler satin ribbon around the wooden crate. I prefer to leave the ribbon attached to the spool until I reach the end. This is to make sure I do not cut the ribbon too short. Before gluing the ribbon to the wooden crate, line the ribbon up to the front of the crate. I wanted the front to start with the number one and the go across from there. I did check with my own measuring tape, the school ruler ribbon does have accurate measurements. Place a small on hot glue on the front of the wooden crate, then press down the ribbon. Smooth out the glue and hold for a few seconds. Repeat down the entire front of the wooden crate, before gluing the rest of the ribbon on the others sides of the crate.

3. Glue the rest of the ribbon, stopping before the very end. Now you may cut the ribbon from spool, however leave a little extra to fold over the ribbon. Fold over the extra ribbon and glue it together, smooth it out and let dry. Glue the end of the ribbon to the wooden crate, overlapping the ribbon.

4. Now it is time to grab the wooden pencils and blue flower heads. Place a small amount of hot glue onto the back of the rose head. Press the rose head to the top of the wooden pencil. Hold for a few seconds, while the glue dries. Repeat with each wooden pencil and rose head. I made 6 pencils, so 3 three pencils for each jar. I love giving teachers pencils or pens with lovely things attached to the top. They make the pencils harder to be lost or accidentally taken by someone else.

5. Place the gorgeous translucent blue mason jars in the wooden crate. Wrap a small chalkboard around each of the neck’s of the mason jars. Then, add the flower pencils into the jar.

6. Write your personal message on each of the chalkboards.

Viola! You are done! Enjoy giving your little one’s teacher a beautiful handmade gift!

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