Scratch Off Father’s Day Card

Who doesn’t love a scratch off. Whether it’s a coupon, a lottery ticket or prize, everyone loves the anticipation of what they will find under that magical silver surface. Bring that mystery and excitement to dad this year with this fun, DIY scratch off Father’s Day Card.

Things you’ll need:
Scratch Off Template
Clear High Gloss Spray
Silver acrylic paint
Dish soap
Paint Brush
Scratch cardstock

Things to do:
1. Print the template out on the cardstock.
2. Spray the entire surface of the paper with two coats of gloss spray, allowing the first coat to dry before adding the second. Allow the spray to dry completely.
3. Trim the card to size.
4. Cut a square out of the scrap cardstock just bigger than the World’s Best Dad” area.
5. Mix equal parts silver paint and dish soap and, using the square cut out as a guide, paint two or three coats of paint over the type. Allow the paint to dry and give the card to your favorite dad for some scratch off fun!

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  1. This is so awesome, I cant even describe it! Im going to modify it for a baby shower!!