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Frilly Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are just so blah, aren’t they? It’s almost more depressing to put them on than it is do actually do the cleaning that you need the gloves for! Well no more! Spice up your gloves (and help keep you sleeves drier) with a little oilcloth, and ribbon to never feel dull at the sink again!

Things you’ll need:
Rubber gloves (look for interesting colors!)
Oilcloth – about 1/4 yard
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sewing machine and notions

Things to do:
1. Cut the oilcloth into 5 inch wide strips (you’ll need two)
2. Turn your gloves inside out. Starting on the palm side, fold one end of the strip over one inch and begin pinning the fabric, right side down, around the cuff of the fabric, creating 1/4 – 1/2 inch tucks every inch as you go. Over lap the fabric by 2 inches when you get back to the beginning.
3. Stitch about 1/4 inch in form the edge of the oilcloth, being careful not to fold the edge of the glove down underneath as you go.
4. Turn the gloves right side out. Cut two pieces of ribbon twice as long as the circumference of the cuff.
5. Starting 6 inched down on the ribbon, start gluing the ribbon over the stitch ling at the center of the back of the glove. When you have ribbon all the way around, tie the tails into a knot and a bow and trim (you’ll want the bow to be small and the tails to be short so that they don’t catch on anything)
6. Dab a little glue behind each side of the bow just to keep it in place while you work. Scrub away!

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