Cookie Cutter Favors and Ornaments

Cookie cutters are the new “in” thing for weddings and parties such as baby showers. They are inexpensive and easy to personalize. You can turn ordinary cookie cutters into ornaments, party favors, place cards, and more! cookie cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You just simply match the cookie cutters to the event or holiday.

You can attach ribbon, raffia or twine depending on the theme to make holiday ornaments and leave them as they are or you could make more of a unique ornament. To make more of an unique ornament you can use color paper or different designs and styles or even use your own photos! You can use patterned paper such as scrapbooking paper or old photos and glue them onto heavy card stock. Trace the paper or photo with the cookie cutter of your choice. You then use some glue and dab along the edge of the cookie cutter and press the paper or photo onto the cookie cutter. Let dry. After cookie cutter is dry, carefully thread a ribbon between the cookie cutter and the paper. Finally knot the ends of the ribbon and you have your finished personalized ornament! This would also be a fun project for the kids. They could add their own embellishments such as glitter and bells.

For favors and place cards you can tie tags with cute sayings that fit the event or even tie on special recipes for your guest to enjoy when they take them home!
For baby shower cookie cutter favor ideas:
Use a baby bottle cookie cutter and attach a tag with “Bottles and booties, diapers and pins, this is where the love begins!”
Use a bear cookie cutter and attach a tag with “We can “bearly” wait for the new baby to arrive…” or “We can “bearly” keep it a secret…”
Use a baby rattle cookie cutter and attach a tag with “Diaper pins and bottles, Rattles and bows, These are the little things that our new baby brings”
For themed wedding cookie cutter favors ideas:
Use heart shaped cookie cutters and attach tags with “Our Heart-Felt Thanks for Sharing our Special Day with Us” or “True love holds with gentle hands. The hearts that it entwines. “
Use any western themed cookie cutter such as a cowboy boot, cowboy hat, or longhorn and attach a tag with “Jus’ Hitched!”
Use a shell cookie cutter for a beach wedding and attach a tag “Our love “shell” last forever!”

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DIY Primitive Snowman Shelf Sitter


Things you need:
1 – 1-1/2″ Unfinished Wood Block
1 – 2″ Unfinished Wood Block
1 – 2-1/2″ Unfinished Wood Block
2 – Unfinished Wood Mitten Buttons
1 – 3/8″ Jingle Bell
3 – 1″ Rusty Tin Primitive Stars
1 – Down Home Brown Antiquing Medium
1 – Ivory Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
1 – Black Apple Barrel Paint
1 – Harvest Orange Apple Barrel Paint
1 – Goose Feather Apple Barrel Paint (Color is optional… this is used for the gloves)
1 – Weldbond Universal Adhesive Glue
Double Spring Side Cutter Pliers
Paint Brushes
3ply Jute
Black Craft Wire
Infants Small White Knit Sock

Things to do:
1. Take your paint brushes and paint each unfinished wood block with your ivory Apple Barrel acrylic paint.
2. Next take your Goose Feather Apple Barrel paint and paint your unfinished wood mitten buttons. Remember that is this an optional color and you can choose the color if you do not wish to paint it red.
3. Once the unfinished wood blocks and unfinished wood mitten buttons are dried you can then brush on the Down Home Brown antiquing medium. Rub off the antiquing medium to give an old aged look to the wood blocks and unfinished wood mitten buttons.
4. After the unfinished wood blocks have dried you can then use the Weldbond Universal adhesive glue to glue the unfinished wood blocks together to form the body of the snowman.
5. Take a screw and form a hole on each side of the middle unfinished wood block where the “arms” will be attached.
6. Cut two 2-1/4″ sections of the black craft wire with your double spring side cutter pliers. Use the Weldbond Universal adhesive glue to attach the unfinished wood mitten buttons to the sections of the black craft wire.
7. Then insert the black craft wire arms into the holes you have drilled on the body (place a dab of glue in these holes).
8. Now use the glue to glue the three rusty tin primitive stars down the front of the snowman body to form buttons.
9. Take the 3ply jute and cut a 6″ piece. Tie the small section of the 3ply jute into a bow. Trim the loose ends of the 3ply jute bow to the size you need and use the glue to the front of the top rusty tin primitive star button.
10. Use the ivory, black and Harvest Orange Apple Barrel acrylic paint to paint on the snowman face.
11. To make the hat take an infants small white knit sock and grubby the sock with the Down Home Brown antiquing medium. When the sock hat has dried attach the 3/8″ Jingle Bell. Slip the hat onto the top of the block head snowman. Complete by adding your own personal touches.

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DIY Primitive Decor – Make your Own Primitive Cinnamon Clothespin Fixin’s

These old fashioned clothespins are the perfect touch for your prim fixins’ and primitive decor! These clothespins are very grungy and have that wonderful country primitive smell. These primitive clothespins are are really easy to make and are really primitive looking! For this primitive decor clothespin project you will need one package of clothespins, candle making wax, cinnamon oil scent (or scent of your choice), antiquing medium, liquid gel dye (optional), glitter (optional – if you wish to make holiday clothespins), and wax paper.

1. Applying the antiquing medium – take each clothespin and cover them lightly with the antiquing medium using a soft cloth or paper towel.
2. Next you will want to melt the candle making wax. You may do this by purchasing a double broiler. You may also make your own by combing a smaller pan within a larger pan. Be sure that you place water in the larger pan and be on the watch that the water doesn’t evaporate. Once the candle making wax has melted you may add the liquid gel dye (optional), and cinnamon oil scent (or scent of your choice).
3. Lay your antiqued clothespins on the wax paper and pour the melted scented wax over the clothespins. Let clothespins dry. You can bundle a few clothespins together with cheese cloth or scraps of fabric to add the finishing touches or just throw a few clothespins in your favorite primitive fixins’!

To make your clothespins even more primitive and grungy you can also roll the clothespins in cinnamon while the candle making wax is still wet. You can use this same technique with the glitter to make more of a holiday decoration.

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What’s Your Baby’s Name?

Are you expecting? Perhaps you’re just curious? No matter the reason, check out our baby name generator!
All you have to do is enter your last name, the gender, click “get name”, and you will be presented with a unique baby’s name just for you! Feel free to click “get name” multiple times, each time a unique name is given.

Click here to visit our
baby name generator

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What’s Your Craft Name?

Have you ever wondered what your craft name would be? Well look no further than our Craft Name Generator! Simply enter your first and last name, click “Get Name”, and you will have your personal craft name generated for you right before your eyes!

Click here to visit our
craft name generator

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Eco-Friendly Wedding – Going Green on Your Special Day

More and more couples are becoming aware of the environmental impact of weddings and so are going eco-friendly. However going green doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less on your wedding day. It just means that you are planning a more environmentally conscientious day. There are several ways of going about a green wedding.

The first thing when considering a green wedding is the number of guests. Only invite those who are closest and mean the most to you. The more guests you invite, the more that will travel, consume food and waste materials. Inviting only those who mean the most to you minimizes the guest list and the hole in your wallet. It can also add more to the day when it’s only the most meaningful people there. Taking into account the guest list, you may want to choose a venue that is closest to as many of your guest as possible to reduce the traveling and thus your wedding’s impact on the environment. If your guests have some traveling to do you may want to keep in mind the transportation they may use. You can share your appreciation and suggest to your guests that they use a more environmentally friendly way of arriving to your wedding. You can suggest they travel by train, bus, bike, or at least carpool and include any information in the invitations. Perhaps you can provide a shuttle bus for your guests, both minimizing traveling impact on the environment and providing a safer way of traveling for those who may drink at the reception.

Another good idea is to try sourcing locally. Try to find local brewery’s and food producers to save the traveling cost and wasted fuel resources. This is also a good idea to show your support for small local businesses. Keep in mind that everything on your wedding day has an impact on the environment. Perhaps look for food caterers that offer organic produce. You may even consider what your dress or suit is made out of. You can get what you need and want for your special day without owning it. Rentals offer a great way of getting the most use out of minimal resources. You can rent your suit instead of buying that hemp made suit that you will never wear again. Most wedding reception locations offer rentals on linens, and glasses. You can also look into thrift stores and consignment shops that sell second hand wedding dresses. Pre-owned dresses can give you a vintage classic look and can also save you some of that green in your pocket. Local thrift shops are also a good place to look for vases or items such as ball jars that can be made into vases. When considering decorations such as centerpieces, place card holders, and wedding confetti there are many options for a green wedding. There are several ways of creating the perfect green centerpiece that fits your budget and goes with your wedding theme. You can try arranging edible centerpieces using fresh organic fruit, vegetable, or even bread. You can use that great vintage bowl that has been laying around the house or buy small unique bowls from your local flea market. These will surely be a hit and a great conversation piece for your guests. There are many choices of environmentally friendly place card holders for weddings and even parties. There are many cute organic food options for place card holders. Try using fruits such as apples, pears, or even cherries and place the names on the stems or use toothpicks. You could also think about using natural bird’s nest. These natural bird’s nest are made from naturally dried grass and add a certain classy chic feel to a wedding. You can place small candies such as Jordan almonds and a ribbon with the guests’ name in the natural bird’s nest for an elegant place card holder. Natural bird’s nest can be used for ring bearer’s, just add some filler and an optional dove. Very chic! Another fun and unique idea is to use chalkboards. Chalkboards can replace those paper place cards, table number settings, and even menus. You can stain the chalkboards or leave them as they are. You could also use smaller chalkboards and wood dowel rods to create a stake to place in flower settings. The chalkboards can be re-used over and over again. The chalkboards would also provide entertainment for children at the wedding. For wedding rice you can try specially designed 100% eco-friendly heart shaped rice, or birdseed. The eco-friendly heart shaped rice is safe for birds and completely biodegradable. An alternative to eco-friendly heart shaped rice is throwing all natural dried lavender buds. The natural dried lavender buds are completely biodegradable, safe for birds and the environment. An advantage to throwing natural dried lavender buds as opposed to rice or birdseed is when the buds are crushed as guest are leaving, the delicate fragrance is released again and again.

Finally, you should communicate whatever changes you may be doing in your wedding to be environmentally friendly. You should inform your guest of your concerns and take this opportunity to educate them on the environment. Be sure that you are not too pushy or overwhelming with your beliefs. Being green and sharing your beliefs on your special day will leave an impact on your guest.

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How to Make a Christmas Ornament Out of a Styrofoam Ball – Kid’s Craft

styrofoam_ornamentThis is a easy step-by-step video demonstrating how to make a simple Christmas ornament out of basic craft supplies. For this Christmas ornament project you will need one Styrofoam ball (any desired size), tissue paper (any desired color… this video shows red and green for the holiday season), glitter (optional), liquid starch (you can find this in any laundry detergent aisle), a paint brush, mod podge, a safety pin, and some yarn.

1. Take your tissue paper and tear the tissue paper into small sections. You do not want them the same shape or size.
2. Take your paint brush and dip it into the liquid starch. Now brush your paint brush onto the Styrofoam ball .
3. Take a piece of tissue paper and lay it on the area of the Styrofoam ball that has the starch on it. You will then want to brush the liquid starch over the tissue paper that is on the Styrofoam ball to make sure that it does not fall off. Repeat this process until the entire Styrofoam ball is covered. Then let dry.
4. After your Styrofoam ball is dry, take you mod podge and lightly cover the entire Styrofoam ball . This will add a nice glossy finish and make it water resistant. While the Styrofoam ball is still wet you may add some glitter for that perfect touch.
5. Once your Styrofoam ball is dry, stick a safety pin in the top of the Styrofoam ball then loop a string of yarn through the top of the safety pin and tie the yarn ends. Then your Styrofoam ball ornament is finished and ready for hanging on the tree!

This video and any provided information are purely instructional. We are not liable from any events during the completion of the project, nor make any guarantees on the final state of the said project. This video is copyright of eHow.

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Create a Craft Pom Pom Critter Kid’s Valentine Gift – Valentine’s Day Craft

pom_pom_critterYou can learn how to make a simple and fun little Valentine’s gift for your children to give to his/hers friends with this step-by-step video. This Valentine’s gift is called a Warm and Fuzzy and it is made out of a simple craft pom pom. For this easy kid’s craft Valentine’s day project you will need one larger pom pom, a smaller pom pom, a heart cutout of construction paper or any other material you would like to use, two googly eyes, and one pipe cleaner.
1. For the first step you will want to glue the larger pom pom onto the heart. The heart is going to be the legs of the Warm and Fuzzy and the larger pom pom will be the body. So you will want to glue the larger pom pom onto the pointed section of the heart.
2. Next you will take your two googly eyes and glue them onto the pom pom.
3. Take your smaller pom pom and glue it on underneath the googly eyes as a nose.
4. Now take your pipe cleaner and cut it smaller, bend it in half and glue it onto the backside of the larger pom pom as an antenna. You may bend or curl the pipe cleaner antenna any way you wish.
5. Finally you may write a small message on the feet. Your child will have fun making these Warm and Fuzzy pom pom critters and their friends will love getting them!

This video and any provided information are purely instructional. We are not liable from any events during the completion of the project, nor make any guarantees on the final state of the said project. This video is copyright of eHow.

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Make a 3D Person Using Pipe Cleaners – Pipe Cleaner Crafts

pipe_cleaner_personLearn how to create a 3D person using pipe cleaners and this simple step-by-step instructional video! For this pipe cleaner craft project you will need four craft pipe cleaners of your color choice, a pencil, and something thicker than a pencil like a marker.
1. You will first take one pipe cleaner to create the torso, take the pipe cleaner and bend it in half. You will then grab the top of the pipe cleaner and twist it so that it has a loop at the top. Twist it down about half way so that there are two ends of the pipe cleaner still there, these will later become your 3D persons’ legs.
2. Next you will take a second pipe cleaner and wrap this one around a pencil, creating a tight coil, this will make the 3D torso. You will then take the coiled pipe cleaner and slide it up the two “legs” of the person all the way up to the loop that you made in step one.
3. To make the arms of your pipe cleaner 3D person, you will then take another pipe cleaner and put it through the neck of the person and twist each end around a bit so that it will not move anywhere. Make sure that the arms are aligned with the legs of the pipe cleaner 3D person. Coil each of the arms, making loops are each end, these will be your 3D persons’ hands.
4. You may now form the feet of your 3D person by twisting the ends of the pipe cleaner and leaving loops at the end like you did the hands.
5. Take the remaining pipe cleaner and your marker. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the marker. Wrap the pipe cleaner over itself, take it off the marker, then form it to create a spherical shape. This will be the head of you 3D pipe cleaner person. Take the head and put it on the top loop and twist it off so that it stays in place. And now you have created your very own 3D pipe cleaner person! You could glue on googly eyes or small pompoms as eyes to add personality to your 3D pipe cleaner person!

This video and any provided information are purely instructional. We are not liable from any events during the completion of the project, nor make any guarantees on the final state of the said project. This video is copyright of eHow.

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How to Make a Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament – Holiday Craft

cinnamon_sticksUse this simple instructional video to help create a Christmas ornament from cinnamon sticks! This video shows how to make a Christmas ornament with cinnamon sticks: simply wrap a bundle of cinnamon sticks with sparkly star wire, thread ribbon through the wire and tie a bow at the top. This video shows sparkly star wire wrapped around the cinnamon sticks but you can also try using rusty tin star garland (or another garland of your choice), or twine. If you like a challenge you could maybe also try wrapping and gluing grapevine twig or use a grapevine wreath around the cinnamon sticks for a more country primitive look.

This video and any provided information are purely instructional. We are not liable from any events during the completion of the project, nor make any guarantees on the final state of the said project.

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