Marbleized Mason Jars Tutorial

Mason jars are hard workers in our house, they hold treats for gifts, stand in for glasses, store kitchen staples in our pantry, cold drinks in the summer, and contain piles of pens and pencils. And, of course, there are the jams and jellies and pickles. So I’m always on the hunt for ways to decorate those humble jars. This is a fun way to jazz up plain-jane jars and is especially nice for those that you use as glasses, giving them a magical, colorful makeover. The larger the bowl you use for dipping, the higher up on your jar the paint will go!

Time required: 20 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Things you’ll need:
Mason Jars
Disposable container
Nail Polish
Room Temperature water

Things to do:
1. Fill the container about half way up with room temperature water. You’ll want to work on a covered work surface to protect from any nail polish drips.

2. Gently drip polish into the water, if the polish sinks, the water may be too cold or too hot, it should float on the surface.

3. Swirl the colors using the tip of a toothpick and then dip the bottom on the jar into the water and slowly pull it out again. The swirled paint should stick to the sides of the jar.

4. Flip the jars upside down on your work surface to dry.

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