DIY Decorative Arrows

In just a few steps, you can transform old wooden dowels into chic room accessories that you’re sure to love! These arrows are super trendy and make adorable party decorations or a pretty room display.

Things you’ll need:
Dowel rods
Gold spray paint
Black paint
Paint brush
White feathers
Black cardstock
Glue gun
Glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Spray the wooden dowel with gold spray paint, covering the entire surface. Allow time to dry, so you don’t smudge the paint.

2. Spray paint the tips of your white feathers with gold spray paint and allow time to dry.

3. Use black paint to draw stripes on the body of the arrow. This is a fun detail that really makes the arrows pop. Apply several coats of paint and allow time to dry.

4. Cut a triangle that is 1.5″ high by 3″ long out of black card stock and crease it down the center.

5. Use hot glue to attach the arrowhead to the end of the dowel.

6. Use hot glue to attach a feather to the other end of the dowel.

7. Wrap twine around the base of the feather and secure the end with hot glue.

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