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Ideal Plants for a Fairy Garden

It is that time of year! Pleasing perennials are flourishing, splendid seas of green are permeating fields and meadows, and bountiful bush and briar are calling chromatic hues into the spotlight. As fairies are our mystic earth dwellers, they are happiest in the richest of mother nature’s genesis. Garnish your enchanted gardens and villages, and beckon wandering, nature-loving creatures, with these aesthetic ground covers and vivid floras.

Wooly thyme: This is a beautiful, hardy ground cover that spreads quickly. It is a very heat and drought resistant plant, ideal for outdoor gardens. Not only will you attract the attention of magical beings alike, but you will also entice all sorts of other critters. It is great to sit back on a warm summer evening and watch all of your furry friends visit your magical fairy garden.

English Primrose: Their varieties of bright color blooms are completely irresistible to most fairies. At an average height of 6 inches, they’re the perfect choice for miniature gardens or container gardens. They bloom throughout the Spring season and their fragrance attracts birds and bees, more friends of the fairies!

Ornamental strawberry: This is a perfect miniature ground cover that is heat tolerant and looks great all year long! It blooms petite white flowers in Spring and tiny delicate strawberries in the Summer. The tiny fruit also appeals to colorful feathered friends.

Irish moss: If you have any small hills, mounds or miniature mountains in your fairy garden this will be the perfect ground cover. You can enjoy teeny white blossoms during the Spring and Summer seasons. While beautiful, be sure to keep in mind that this miniature ground cover does not flourish in extreme heat. Consider substituting Australian astro turf if you live in a very dry hot climate.

Blue Star Creeper: Fairies love all things delicate and colorful, this miniature ground cover is no exception! It grows a little taller (up to 6 inches) than other ground covers, but it showcases stunning blue flowers perfect for fairies.

Baby tears: If you prefer to attract the attention of woodland fairies, this miniature ground cover looks decadently lush and green, giving your fairy garden a dense forest appeal. Remember to water this ground cover often and keep it in the shade during the warmer Summer months.

Lily of the Valley: Featuring white and (much rarer) pink blooms this showy, fragrant flower is sure to catch the attention of fairies. Once you are able to catch your fairies unaware of your presence you will notice that they use the bell-shaped flowers for teeny tiny afternoon teacups

Cranesbill “Dark Eyes”: A hardy little plant with delicate, heavenly pink and purple petals. Absolutely beautiful! Pink blooms are especially important to fairies because it represents friendship, kindness, and love.

Brass Buttons “Platts Black”: Resembling miniature ferns, this garden ground cover would make a great forest floor for your woodland fairies and wee folk alike. Complete with tiny yellow button flowers when blooming.

English Roses: Their blooms range in colors from yellow to pink to apricot and they attract fairies for numerous reasons. Yellow roses signify sunshine and fun to the magical creatures. Pink brings out their gentleness and the spirit of love, and apricot puts your pixies in a playful mood.

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  1. Those are the most beautiful plants and flowers I have seen in a long time. We just move form the State of Virginia to Illinois about 4 months ago. Next year I will have them in my garden. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My fairy gardens are screaming for these sort of plants, but will they
    survive in the heat of Arizona?

    1. Yes, I believe all types of succulents should survive the Arizona heat as they need very little water and love the sun! Best of luck and happy crafting!

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