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DIY Paracord Dog Collar

Tough and colorful, paracord weaving is ideal for jobs like pet collars! It’s easy to make a unique, custom sized collar that suits your pet perfectly and expresses your creative side. This project can be done with one or two colors of paracord. If using one color, simple fold in half, this point will take the place of the join in the directions.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 15 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Purple and Goldenrod Paracord or other colors of your choice
Large or small collar buckle
Measuring tape

Things to do:
1. Measure the dogs neck, allowing for some looseness. You’ll need 1 foot for every inch of the collar. So a 16 inch collar will require 16 feet of cord, 8 feet of each color.

2. Cut the paracord to length.

3. Using your lighter, join the two colors together at one end, melting the ends and then pressing them firmly together.

4. Push this join through one side of the buckle and pull the ends through the loop created to secure.

5. Slide the D ring on to the two pieces of cord coming off the buckle.

6. Thread the raw ends of the cord through the other end of the buckle and pull until the distance between the buckle halves is the length of the collar.

7. Cross the right hand (here the yellow) tail over the center cords and under the left hand tail (here the purple).

8. Pull the left hand tail (purple) up behind the two cords and through the loop created by the right hand tail.

9. Pull to tighten.

10. Repeat this process, this time starting with the left hand side (which is now the yellow)

11. Once you’ve created about 1 inch of knots, slide the D ring up against the knots and then, on the other side of the ring, continue with the knotting until you reach the end of the buckle.

12. On the last know, trim the excess cord close to the collar. Using the lighter, melt the ends and press them into the back side of the collar to secure.

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