Heart Sewing Card

My daughter is really into sewing at the moment, and I love coming up with projects to keep her little fingers occupied. SO far this is one of my favorites because she loved it so much! If your little one doesn’t want to sew in straight lines, this would look equally cute sewn in a wild pattern, criss-crossing all over the heart.

Things you’ll need:
Scrap paper
Heavy cardstock
Darning needle or plastic needle

Things to do:
1. Cut a heart out of your scrap paper and use it to trace a heart shape onto the cardstock.

2. Punch holes in pairs, straight across from each other on either side of the heart.
3. Thread the yarn onto the darning needle, doubling the yarn if it’s thin, and knot at the end.

4. Sew in lines to fill in the heart and spread a little love.

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