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Punch Relief Bookmark

These simple but pretty bookmarks are easy to make, a snap to personalize to any holiday or color scheme and a great way to stash busy your paper cupboard. If you don’t have any large paper punches, you can cut out shapes using a craft knife and a cutting mat.

Things you’ll need:
Paper punches
Heavy cardstock
Lightweight scrapbook paper with patterns
Craft glue
Bone folder

Things to do:
1. Cut a rectangle from your cardstock that is the length you want and twice the width you are after for your bookmark.
2. Measure to the halfway point and, using the bone folder to get a nice edge, fold in half lengthwise.

3. On one side of the fold, punch a shape out a little way down from the top edge.

4. Glue a scrap of the scrapbook paper behind the punch out so that the pattern shows through. Allow the glue to dry.

5. Spread a thin layer of glue all over one side of the fold and then press the two sides together, smoothing to work out any bubbles and wiping away any excess glue. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before using.

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