Felted Bead Hair Bobbles with Wool Roving

I don’t know many little girls who don’t like to have something fun to add to their ponytails and pigtails. It’s just a little girl kind of thing to do. And while bows are fun and flowers are pretty, bobbles can’t be beat. Remember those hard plastic bobble rubber bands of our youth? Well these are like those, except softer and more fun!

Thing’s you’ll need:
Wool roving, two colors at least
Hair rubber bands, not the tiny ones, but not the super thick variety
Liquid hand soap
Access to hot and cold water
Digital scale


Things to do:
1. Weigh two separate wads of roving, mixing up the colors in proportions you like, so that they both weigh the same. You’ll want the beginning wad to be about the size of your palm.
2. Working on one ball at a time, wet the wool and form into a rough ball. Pull the ball apart slightly and lay the robber band across the inside, reforming it into a ball so that the rubber band now runs through it.
3. Squirt a drop of soap into your hand and start rolling the wool lightly. At first you may need to work gingerly so that the rubber band doesn’t pull out, but after a bit you can just roll, being careful to keep the rubber band from making an impression in the wool as you roll.
4. Continue rolling, with a very light touch, until the ball is very firm and no longer soaks up water when you rinse it off.
5. Repeat the process with the other bead and then pour boiling water over both to shock the wool a final time.
6. Allow the wool to fully dry before using.

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  1. what am i doing wrong??!!!…..weve tried twice to make these….both times we were unable to get the split to reclose after inserting the pony holder…we tried rolling very lightly and we also tried forming as we continued to reduce

    1. Are you splitting them while they are still soaked? If they are too dry, this may be the problem of why you cant get them to form back together. I would even try re-soaking it once you have put it around the band. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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