Upcycling: Coffee Can Twig Flower Vase

This craft is an exercise in creative upcycling! Inspired by Martha Stewart, turn an everyday coffee can into a lovely primitive flower vase. This would be perfect for a country floral arrangement or rustic wedding.

Things you need:
Slender branches and twigs 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick
A clean coffee can
Burlap Fabric
Hemp twine
A handsaw
Pruning shears
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Use the handsaw to cut the twigs 1″ longer than the height of the coffee can. Use the pruning shears to remove any leaves or offshoots.
2. Cover the work surface with newspaper.
3. Cover the outside of the coffee can with burlap fabric. Fold in the top and bottom edges, then hot glue in place.
4. Place a twig against the side of the can, turning it to find the flattest side.
5. Run a bead of hot glue down the flat side of the twig, leaving the top 1″ clean. Press it onto the can. Hold it a few seconds until it sets.
6. Test each twig in this manner to find the best and flattest fit on each one. Keep gluing them until the entire surface of the can is covered.
7. Cut the twine into 18″ strands. Choose a starting point and tie the end of one strand to the top edge of a twig, knotting it in back and leaving a 5 tail. The loop should be level with the top of the coffee can.
8. Wrap each twig by passing the twine behind the twig then circling the front, then around to the back again. Keep going in this manner around every twig.
9. When the last twig is wrapped, tie the two ends together in back and trim the excess.
10. Fill 3/4 full of water and arrange fresh cut flowers. Change water and re-trim stems every day.

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  1. I love the ideas that you share… I cant wait to do this… for the flowers, but I might also put a candle inside…I will cut the burlap to fold over on the outside and do a running stitch to have the gathered look at the top of the can…(cannot have a fire).. then apply the twigs to the outside…thanks…

  2. I cannot wait to make this vase. It sounds easy and pretty. Thanks for the directions. Wish there was a picture of this.

  3. I like the idea about the coffee can, I have 2 young ladies that are special needs that I have 1 days a week to do crafts and this would be a good one.