DIY Nautical-Inspired Fish Net Mason Jar

This DIY decor is the perfect place to store vacation treasures! In a few simple steps, you can transform an old mason jar into something new and useful. Fill the sea-themed storage container with sand and seashells, or whatever trinkets you have lying around, and enjoy!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 30 Minutes
Age range: 12 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Fish net
Clear or blue mason jar
Sisal rope
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. The first thing you want to do is measure a length of fish net to fit around your jar. Instead of using a measuring tape or ruler, I found that it is easiest to lay the jar directly on the fish net, roll the material around the surface, and mark the size.

2. Once you’ve marked the fish net, cut out the shape.

3. Next, you’re going to attach the net to the jar. Start by trimming any loose ends, then use hot glue to anchor the net to the top of the mason jar. Continue to apply hot glue and wrap the net around the jar, until it is secured.

4. After you’ve attached the net to the top of the jar, you’re going to connect the edges. Use small drops of hot glue down the back of jar and bring the net together, creating a seam.
5. Use hot glue to secure the ends of the net to the bottom of the jar, pulling the material tightly to the center. Trim any excess material to avoid awkward bulges.
6. The final step is adding a decorative rope detail around the top of the jar. Apply a drop of hot glue under the mouth of the mason jar and attach the end of the rope. Allow the glue to dry completely, and then continue applying hot glue and attaching the rope until the entire rim is covered. Anchor the end of the rope with hot glue and trim any excess.

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