DIY Hot Glue Stamp

Here is a simple way to create fun, rustic stamps using materials you have sitting around the house (or in the recycling bin!) Perfect for kids stamps” but also great for adding texture to projects or just creating a rustic image, these stamps can be as simple or as complicated as you want to get. If you don’t want to free hand the image, try drawing the shapes you want on the lids with a sharpie before adding the glue.

Things you’ll need:
Plastic or metal jar lids with flat tops
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Stamp pad

Things to do:
1. Allow your glue gun to warm up fully before getting started. You want a good flow so trying to start before the glue is really melting will end up causing lots of mistakes.
2. Decide on the general shape of the image you want. Glue is, by nature, going to come out squiggly. You can create straight lines but think about using the squiggles as part of your shapes.
3. Draw” the shape you want with the glue on the top of the lid. Try to keep the thickness of the glue as even as possible as it comes out. Allow the glue to dry.
4. Rub the stamp pad over the glue, making sure the stamp” is well coated before using. Rinse with water after use.

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  1. What an awesome idea! Last Christmas I looked all over for a peace sign stamp couldnt find one I liked – now I can just make one!

  2. I like it but I have a question after the glue cools down wouldnt it peal away easily becomes difficult to work with?

  3. What a SUPER way to create your own stamps cheaply too!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for showing us!!!!!!! (found you on Craft Gossip!) )