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Heritage Art

A great way to display your family history, these little art pieces are simple and pretty. Alternatively you can use this technique to display places you have traveled, places you’d like to see or spots that have special meaning in your life. Online auction shops and used book stores are a great source for inexpensive maps for this project!

Things you’ll need:
Matted Frame
Solid colored cardstock + a scrap piece
Sharpie marker pen
Spray adhesive

Things to do:
1. Fold your scrap piece of cardstock in half and cut a heart big enough to over most of the spot on the map you want to highlight but still small enough to fit into your mat.
2. Trace the heart onto your map.
3. Carefully cut out the heart with smooth, even edges.
4. Coat the back side of your map heart with the adhesive and smooth onto your cardstock.
5. Pop into your frame and secure in place.

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