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DIY Firefly Lights

Just the thing for a summer wedding, or maybe just a summer picnic in need of a little lighting! Err on the side of long when cutting your strips of tulle. It’s easier to tie them long and then trim them at the end.

Things you’ll need:
3 inch wide tulle netting
String of mini LED lights

Things to do:
1. Cut the tulle into 8-10 inch strips, as many strips as your light strand has bulbs.

2. Wrap the strip around the wire near, but not directly on, each bulb, knotting it firmly so that the tails of the tulle stick out evenly one each side.
3. Once all the lights have been tied, trim the tails to about an inch on each side to create your “fireflies”.

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  1. Great idea. I think Ill make them for fun and use them in my dinning tent at night. I love this idea.

  2. I saw a roll of tulle the other day at a craft shop and thought what can I do with this? Now I know! Easy to do and cute, cute, cute!

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