DIY Magical Fairy Garden

When we moved into our house, our kids were thrilled to find that there was a small, partially tumbled down fairy house, made by some child long ago, down in the woods. It seemed like the idea place to create a magical, mysterious fairy garden for them. If you aren’t’ lucky enough to have your own fairy house, fear not, an porch or even an indoor garden is a fun and simple project that your children (and you) will love.

Things you’ll need:
Miniature fencing
Woodland style furniture
Doll sized garden tools – Mini Pitcher, Flower Pots, Rusty Tin Shovel , and Wheelbarrow
Small accessories – Grapevine Snowshoes, Mini Veggies, Mini Rusted Birdhouse, and Mini Baskets
Large low pot, box or planter saucer (optional)

Things to do:
1. If you are creating a fairy garden from scratch, fill your container about 1/4 full with soil and line the entire surface with moss, tucking the edges in around the edge. Water it well and allow it to drain a little before beginning. If you have a fairy house in place, sprinkle the ground outside with soil and lay out a yard” of moss. Sprinkle with water to help the moss stay fresh.

2. Begin by placing your fencing. You can create fence posts” by sinking small but sturdy sticks into the soil and wrap the ends of the fencing around the posts to make a sturdy edging for your garden.

3. Once you have defined your space, think like a fairy! Arrange furniture, pots accessories and tools the way you might if it was your garden. Be sure to add a few small details that suggest that a fairy was just there a moment ago, maybe a basket of veggies just pulled from the garden. Another nice touch is to plant small plants in some of the pots, just be sure to remember to water them!

4. Your fairy garden can stay as is or, if you have young children who love to believe, try moving things around now and then to keep the magic going!

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  1. Some years ago, I built a miniature doll house from the ground up. It included a beautiful garden of real dried flowers, some hand made furniture, lighting in all of the rooms and outside, garden fixtures, etc. It even had cobwebs in the attic. This fairy house reminds me of the fun I had making this, though it was 7 months in the making. It took a blue ribbon and a trophy for Visitors Choice at a local fair. Over the years the flowers have dried, the lights need some work, and its case was broken in a move. I think this is just the incentive I need to bring it out and fit it up. I have not used my miniature tool set in years.

  2. LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT!! We are getting ready to move to a new house and this would be PERFECT for my two youngest daughters. They love Tinkerbell and anything to do with faries!!!

  3. I am getting ready to retire. and moving into my New Cottage…and have been collecting and makeing things for my new garden and Im going to add Fairy homes through out the garden…Its going to be fun….and Im so looking forward to it ….and these little things you have added will add many blessings to my garden….

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