Decorating Clay Pots


Photo Credits: The Robin’s Nest

Don’t let your flower garden go to pot by settling for drab, unadorned terracotta planters! With so many fun and creative ideas to spice them up, you’ll never have to lay eyes on dreary, rough textured pots again. Here are a few decorating tips that will give these old stand-bys a fresh status in your home or garden:

Decoupage Pots
Greeting cards, empty seed packets, wrapping paper, wall paper, and pages from gardening magazines are all fun decoupage medium choices. To make, cut or tear out the images you want to use and adhere to the pot with Outdoor Mod Podge.

Embellished Pots
Create a salvaged treasure masterpiece using shells, bottle caps, marbles, buttons, checkers, rocks, acorn caps, pennies, or rhinestones. To make, paint the pot with 2-3 coats of Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, thoroughly drying between each coat. Next, use a glue gun to affix embellishments. For added interest and dimension, overlap pieces slightly or arrange in intriguing patterns.

Wrapped Pots
Natural elements, such as tree bark and raffia, add rustic charm to terracotta pots, and look especially striking when paired with lush tropical foliage or delicate blossoms. To make these nature-inspired wrapped pots, use a glue gun and generous amounts of glue, overlapping pieces as you wrap. (Tip: Flexible bark, such as birch, works best.)

Painted Pots
The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating painted pot works of art. Paint pots with 2-3 coats of Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, and then add stripes, stencil designs, or whatever else you can think up. To provide hands-on fun for pint-sized gardeners, paint pots with chalkboard paint and then let the budding Picassos add their own chalk drawn masterpieces.

With a little time and creativity, you’ll soon have a stash of terracotta pots well worthy of the most beautiful blossoms and lush foliage. Even with no green thumb in sight, it’s easy and affordable to have a beautiful flower garden.

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  1. Hello Lucy,
    Sorry to say, but no we do not have any dvds for kid’s crafts but feel free to check back often as we update our blog quite frequently. You can print out the instructions if you wish as well. Happy Crafting!

  2. I tried something once where I painted pots in two layers of paint (black and white for example) and then sandpapered it. It gives a nice rustic look where the pots natural color shines through and the two layers of paint look worn.

  3. Love your two layered paint idea Lauren! I never even thought about it. That would be perfect for my house, I have that rustic country feel. Ill have to try it soon! Thanks!

  4. Great ideas. like apron, Snow ball cup cakes, and planters. Will check back often and pass some of these on.Thanks

  5. Hi, I’m Robin from The Robin’s Nest~ I really like your ideas-Thanks for featuring my picture/blog~♥ Have a great week!

    Robin Beck