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Fun in the Sun Beaded Toe Ring and Sunglass Chain

beaded_toe_ringsDon’t let rainy spring days dampen your creativity! If thunderstorms are whisking you indoors, why not make the most of your inside time with a few fun and simple craft projects? Our funky beaded toe ring and sunglass chain are sure to raise your spirits, giving you a sneak preview of the fun-in-the-sun that’s just around the corner.

Beaded Toe Rings
Paired with the perfect pedicure, these funky toe beads will have you sandal-ready in a flash!

Things you need:
Bead Kit
Large Accent Bead (optional)
Stretchy Cord
E6000 Glue

Things to do:
1. Thread seed beads onto a piece of elastic until you have a large enough piece to fit snugly around the top segment of your toe.
2. Slide on the larger bead and tie off with a square knot.
3. Dab glue on the knot, and then use the toothpick to tuck the knot inside the larger bead. For a sassy touch, add a few dangle beads or charms.

Dazzling Sunglass Chain
Keep your shades at the ready with this cheery sunglass chain.

Things you need:
Bead Kit
2 eyeglass connectors
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter or Fingernail Clipper

Things to do:
1. Cut wire to a handy length for dangling sunglasses, making sure it’s long enough to put them on/take them off easily.
2. Use needle nose pliers to secure eyeglass holder to one end and string beads in pattern of your choice; finish off with the remaining eyeglass holder and use a wire cutter or fingernail clipper to snip off sharp tips.

With so many colorful beads to choose from, accessorizing your summer wardrobe will be a breeze! Enjoy flaunting your feet and stowing your shades in style this summer.

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