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Category: Winter Crafts

Ice Cube Snowman Holiday Craft Project


I just love fun easy to do projects. And this glass ice cube snowman is definitely fun and easy!

Things you need:
3 – Glass Ice Cube Gems
1 – Tinsel Stem
1 – 1/4″ Craft Pom Poms
1 – Red Craft Felt Square
E6000 Glue
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Harvest Orange Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

Things to do:
1. Take three of the glass ice cube gems and glue them together using the E6000 glue to form the snowman’s body and let dry. Be sure to have the rounded side of the glass ice cube gems all facing in the same direction when you are gluing them together.
2. To make the snowman’s carrot nose, take your paintbrush and Harvest Orange Apple Barrel acrylic paint and paint your toothpick. Set aside to let dry.
3. Cut a 1-1/2″ piece from the tinsel stem of your choice. This will form the top of the ear muffs.
4. Cut the pom pom in half. Glue the two pom poms and the tinsel stem to the sides of the top glass ice cube gem to form the ear muffs.
5. Using the end of your paint brush or dip your brush into the black Apple Barrel acrylic paint and dot on the eyes, mouth, and coal buttons down the front. Set aside to let dry.
6. Cut off a 1/4″ off of the orange painted toothpick and glue onto the snowman for his nose.
7. Take your felt and trim 4″ long x 1/4″ wide piece. Cut small slits in each end of the felt scarf to form “fringe.” To ensure that the scarf stays on your little snowman, glue at the side of your snowman.

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Cookie Cutter Favors and Ornaments

Cookie cutters are the new “in” thing for weddings and parties such as baby showers. They are inexpensive and easy to personalize. You can turn ordinary cookie cutters into ornaments, party favors, place cards, and more! cookie cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You just simply match the cookie cutters to the event or holiday.

You can attach ribbon, raffia or twine depending on the theme to make holiday ornaments and leave them as they are or you could make more of a unique ornament. To make more of an unique ornament you can use color paper or different designs and styles or even use your own photos! You can use patterned paper such as scrapbooking paper or old photos and glue them onto heavy card stock. Trace the paper or photo with the cookie cutter of your choice. You then use some glue and dab along the edge of the cookie cutter and press the paper or photo onto the cookie cutter. Let dry. After cookie cutter is dry, carefully thread a ribbon between the cookie cutter and the paper. Finally knot the ends of the ribbon and you have your finished personalized ornament! This would also be a fun project for the kids. They could add their own embellishments such as glitter and bells.

For favors and place cards you can tie tags with cute sayings that fit the event or even tie on special recipes for your guest to enjoy when they take them home!
For baby shower cookie cutter favor ideas:
Use a baby bottle cookie cutter and attach a tag with “Bottles and booties, diapers and pins, this is where the love begins!”
Use a bear cookie cutter and attach a tag with “We can “bearly” wait for the new baby to arrive…” or “We can “bearly” keep it a secret…”
Use a baby rattle cookie cutter and attach a tag with “Diaper pins and bottles, Rattles and bows, These are the little things that our new baby brings”
For themed wedding cookie cutter favors ideas:
Use heart shaped cookie cutters and attach tags with “Our Heart-Felt Thanks for Sharing our Special Day with Us” or “True love holds with gentle hands. The hearts that it entwines. “
Use any western themed cookie cutter such as a cowboy boot, cowboy hat, or longhorn and attach a tag with “Jus’ Hitched!”
Use a shell cookie cutter for a beach wedding and attach a tag “Our love “shell” last forever!”

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