Make Your Own Beautiful and Inexpensive Centerpieces

wedding_centerpiecesThe centerpieces on the tables at your reception are an excellent chance to show everyone just what personality and creativity you possess. It’s easy to contract with a florist and just let them decide for you, but if you are more interested in creating your own, then here are a few ideas for you.

First of all, you want to keep in mind the size of your wedding reception hall. If you are planning a small and intimate space, then tall centerpieces should be a big no-no. Taller centerpieces will overwhelm your space, and they might actually annoy the people sitting at each table because they obstruct the views and hinder the conversation. If you are planning to hold the reception in an outdoor venue or a vast room, then the tall centerpieces could find a friendlier welcome.

There are hundreds of great ideas for tall centerpieces. If you are holding your reception during your winter months, then you might find some branches with distinct shapes, apply some glitter paint, and place them in vases with colorful stones. By spreading a few colorful flowers, such as roses or orchids, among the austere branches, you can really present a startling and beautiful centerpiece that is unique.

Many people may choose to employ centerpieces without flowers at all. Candles have been known to make gorgeous focal points, especially if presented in a well-cut or interesting candleholder. A collection of candles that vary in size, paired with sand or colorful glass pieces can make a dazzling display while providing light for the occupants of the table. Better yet, candles are often much more affordable than flowers, which means that you can save some cash on your centerpieces. The candleholders and bowls can also be used again for other special occasions, so the savings never end.

Many couples like to use photographs in their centerpieces. After all, the focus of the day is on you, so there is nothing wrong with having duplicates made of your favorite memories together. You can put together a small frame, along with a candle and some flowers, or you can choose a chic vase that has an insert for photographs. These are extremely inexpensive, and some of your guests may actually enjoy taking them home as a party favor to place on their coffee table.

You can also use fruit in your centerpieces for another functional idea. They smell beautiful, for one thing, but your guests can also enjoy them before the buffet is ready. There are dozens of arrangements that you can create that will employ both whole fruits or cut pieces. A quick visit to any kitchen supply store will provide molds and cutting devices that will allow you to shape the fruits for an even more beautiful appearance. This is a great idea for receptions that will start while you and your wedding party are being photographed, because the guests will be occupied with something to eat. Best of all, the clean up is a breeze because there will be nothing left.

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  1. i love that apple center piece! i was thinking if the creator of that piece can think of center piece for childrens baptism???

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