Knitted Red Velvet Cupcake Pin Cushion

It’s a hard call for me to say which I like more, baking or sewing. Baking is something I get to do more often, but sewing is one of the most satisfying (and sometimes frustrating) hobbies of mine. So when I saw a set of knitted pastries in a toy store I thought an oversized cupcake might make the perfect combination of both with a sweet little pincushion. And how sweet it is. Now I just need to find a new pattern to get sewing on.

Things you need:
1 Small Skein DK weight yarn in red
1 small skein Boucle or Furry Yarn in white
1 set size 10 double pointed needles (DPN’s)
1 set size 7 needles
Yarn Needle
Sewing Pins

Things to do:

For the Cupcake Top
On the DPN’s, Cast on 40 sts of white boucle yarn. Because you’ll be working in the round, there is no need to turn your work. Place a marker on your first st, *K6, K2tog * repeat this pattern until you have passed the stitch marker three times (approximately three rows) Now *K4 stitches, K2tog* repeating this pattern again until you have passed the stitch marker for the third time. *K2 K2tog * until 6 sts remain. *K2tog* to 3 sts. Cast off. Pull yarn tail through to the wrong side and tie off.

For the Wrapper
On size 7 needles, tightly cast on 68 sts with red DK yarn. K1P1 Across. Continue in this ribbing pattern until the work measures 3 inches. Cast off loosely. This creates an angled shape for the wrapper.
For the Bottom
On the size 7 needles, cast on 8 sts of red DK yarn. This will be worked in garter stitch, with every row a knit row. Increase one stitch at each end of every other row until you have 12 stitches on your needle. Knit 5 rows. Decrease by one stitch at each end every other row until you are back to 8 stitches. Cast off.

Bring the ends of the wrapper together and whip stitch closed. Turn the cupcake top inside out and stitch the edge to the wrapper using the red yarn. Turn the whole thing right side out and fill with a dense fiberfill. For added weight, insert a small cloth bag of rice into the bottom of the cupcake. Stitch the bottom piece to the lower edge of the wrapper. Insert pins to make sprinkles and sew away!

K = knit
P = Purl
DK = Double Knitting weight yarn
DPN’s = Double pointed needles
Sts. = stitches
K2tog = knit two stitches together

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  1. Isnt this so cute? These would be great for a craft bazar! I just dont knit or crochet. If someone else made me one I would love it though! O) This would be a great way to use up small amounts o left over yarn too.

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