Argyle Yarn Wreath

Spring is a funny balance in my part of the world. On the one hand, it’s been cold and gray for so long that cheerful springy colors are a must, but on the other hand it’s still cold, so cozy things are welcome too. This wreath is the perfect blend of both, and very suitable for a spring door. Combining bright colors, soft fabric and the comfort of an old argyle sweater, it’s just the thing to get you through to the warmer weather.

Things you’ll need:
Solid Wreath form (foam, straw or Masonite)
Yarn, two colors
Felt, two colors
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. If you are an avid knitter, you can knit the base of this wreath. It’s just stockingette stitch wide enough to go around the wreath and long enough to cover the whole thing. If you aren’t a knitter or want a quicker project, simply wrap the wreath with yarn tightly so that all traces of the form are hidden.
2. Once your wreath is covered with yarn, it’s time to cut your diamonds. Use a piece of scrap paper to find the best sized diamond for your wreath and create a template. Then cut strips from felt that are the width of the diamond for ease of cutting.
3. Cut enough diamonds of each color of felt to go half way around with side points touching. You may need to space them out a bit to evenly spread them around the whole wreath. Lay them out before you glue!
4. Dab glue on the tips of the diamonds and smooth them down. Allow the glue to dry before continuing.
5. Wrap the contrasting yarn around the wreath at an angle so that it bisects each diamond. Once you have wrapped the whole wreath, switch angles and wrap again so that the yarn meets in the middle of each diamond. Tie off on the backside and add a loop for hanging before trimming all tails.

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