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Wedding Checklist Essentials

Whether you are planning a small and intimate ceremony or the party of the century, there are a few things that you will need to remember. No matter the size of the wedding, you should have a checklist that includes the must-do’s. This will keep you from pulling your hair out on the biggest day of your life!

First of all, you should start a wedding binder to keep track of all of the important details. It is okay to start this binder the moment that you get engaged, though you probably want to take at least a day or two to show off that ring. Once you start the binder, you should begin choosing the venue for your wedding. Even if you are only planning to have your closest family involved, you will need to make sure that your chosen spot is available for your wedding date. If you are planning to marry in a popular venue, you may even need to make your request a year in advance, so don’t put off scheduling the venue.

This is also the best time to decide the budget for your wedding, no matter how large or small your plans. By setting the budget early on, you will keep from overspending as the details begin to come together. This will keep you on track as you seek out florists, photographers, and caterers. You can also choose at this time the things that you plan to do for yourself, such as centerpieces and guest favors. By setting those tasks aside, you can free up more of your budget for larger things.

Booking your officiant soon after the engagement is a great idea, too, because you can be sure that he or she will be available for the day in question. Remember that clergy often perform weddings, so you may have some shuffling to do to reserve the right person for the job. Even if you are planning a simple courthouse wedding, you should make sure that there is an available time on your chosen day. Showing up unannounced could leave you heartbroken and unwed when the day is done.

If you plan to take a honeymoon, you should try to begin planning about six months in advance. There are so many travel details to remember that throwing it together at the last minute could be nerve-wracking. Why add more stress on top of your wedding plans? Make sure that your passport is current, and that you are planning your trip during the best time of year for your destination. The Caribbean islands are gorgeous, but visiting during hurricane season is not an ideal situation.

Be certain to check the state laws regarding your marriage license, as well. Many states now require premarital counseling before a license can be obtained. If you are unaware of these laws, you could find that you must postpone your nuptials or pay large fees to keep your plans on track. There may also be a waiting period required, and that can really mess up the big day if you haven’t planned for it.

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